Giroud Plays Down Arsenal Striker Needs But Is He Right

Olivier Giroud

As the winter window opens today, Arsenal have been touted in the media to get gunning for a striker owing to the fact that the Gunners have relied solely on Olivier Giroud for the better part of the first half of the season.

The need to bring in another striker has been reinforced in recent weeks owing to Giroud’s dip in form but the main gladiator Olivier Giroud has played down Arsenal’s need for another striker saying the Gunners are well stocked in that are already.

“We have the players to play up front,” he said in an interview aired by Canal+

“Lukas is having a good come-back. Theo can play as a striker. We have the quality and the quantity. If the coach wants me to rest, he can do it without buying a new striker. I would rather not see a new striker come in.

“I always have to recover, to get massages, to eat well, to sleep well. This is how we live. I am lucky to not be injury-prone. I have a body that tolerates the accumulation of games.”

Giroud’s winner against Alan Pardew’s side was his first league goal in five outings, and he admitted that things have not been going well for him following a blistering start to the campaign.

“Not to score, for a forward, is a bit boring,” he continued. “There’s a lack of luck… not being in the right place at the right time. Luck was on my side at the start of the season. Not any more.

“I know my quality, I know it’s going to come back. As a striker, I’m the first defender of the team. It’s always a pleasure to help the team win back the ball. This is modern football, it’s all about pressing.”

Well said Giroud. From the excerpts above, different parts of the Frenchman came to the fore. A part of him that is selfish as he knows the non-arrival of another striker means he gets more opportunities to play even when seemingly out of form.

Another part of him is empathetic to the desire of his attacking mates who would like to try their hands on the central striking role. Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott have long clamoured for an opportunity to play through the centre. This is plausible should Wenger fail to bring in another striker and opts to rest Giroud for some games.

But a part of him needs to be realistic. I know he is a strong player but he needs to know he can’t shoulder the goalscoring burden and lone striker responsibilities alone all through the season. It would adversely affect his form ahead of the World Cup and also could hamper Arsenal chances of trophy success this season.