Schweinsteiger Sounds Champions League Warning To Arsenal


Ahead of the round of sixteen tie of the Champions League between Arsenal and Bayern Munich, Bayern’s captain Bastian Schweinsteiger has stalked up the fire. The Germany international has declared that he is dreaming of another Champions League title. This is a tall dream as no team has ever successfully defended the trophy in its current format but it isn’t impossible considering the calibre of players and the manager on offer at Bayern. Little wonder, Schweinsteiger is hopeful Bayern could become the first side to do just that.

“I want to achieve what no team has ever achieved. I want to defend the Champions League title,” Schweinsteiger told reporters.

“We had an incredible year in 2013. However, the great thing about football is that there are always areas of our play we can improve.”

“I’m confident it won’t be too long until I can return to full duty. I’m happy with how it feels at the moment, and I’m confident it’ll get even better.

“I know the qualities I have when I’m fully fit. It’s reassuring and keeping me calm through all of this.”

Interesting thoughts from the Die Rothen ace but it is easier said than done. Before dreaming of a consecutive Champions League glory, Bayern will have to cross Arsenal’s hurdle and it is not going to be easy. Going into the tie, they might be the favourites but the Gunners are certainly no pushovers as they showed when both teams met at this stage of the competition last season.

While Bayern have improved, so has the Gunners improved too. In terms of confidence, it is very high at the Emirates. Last season, we were struggling to finish fourth but this season, we are aiming high for the title and are in good position to claim it. To this end, Arsenal have no reason to fear them and if they play both legs the way they played at the Allianz Arena, they might just knock the German giants out.