Ancelotti Regrets Ozil’s Exit


Real Madrid coach Carlos Ancelotti can’t just seem to get over the exit of German midfielder Mesut Ozil who quit the Bernabeu for the Emirates in the summer. He was both a record acquisition and sale for Arsenal and Real Madrid respectively. In the past Ancelotti had famously declared Ozil left because he was scared of the ensuing competition from Bale and Isco.

At some point, he said he chose to allow Ozil to leave because he preferred Di Maria but it was obvious the Italian was been economical with the truth and trying to cover up Real Madrid’s gaffe which was the sale. Finally, it seems he has come terms with reality and has admitted the Spanish side made a huge mistake by sanctioning a sale.

“I think we made a mistake when we gave him the possibility to leave the club. Said Ancelotti

“However, we have fantastic strikers and don’t need a back-up after Higuain’s departure.”

Interesting admission there if you ask me. Two high profile players left Real in the summer Ozil and Higuain. How come Ancelotti is claiming they don’t miss Higuain after all they have just one natural striker Karim Benzema and he hasn’t really beenon song this season and it is Ozil who plays in a position where they are more than enough options and two new additions in the summer that they are missing?

The admission by Ancelotti is a proof to the fact that Ozil is a class act and Arsenal are fortunate to have him. Of course, his presence has rubbed off on the team as the Gunners currently lead the EPL while Real are already feeling the weight of his exit as they sit 3rd in the La Liga chasing two leaders.