Gilberto Silva happy to return home


Just like the old brigades Henry and Pires that returned to Arsenal in a bid to keep fit, former Gunner and Brazilian midfielder Gilberto Silva has also expressed his delight at making a return to the club.

“It’s always good to go back to Arsenal,” he told Xinhua.

“It’s my home in Europe. To go back to the club, see old friends and absorb everything that I experienced is always special. I thought I was only going back to visit but I ended up training there. It was great to relive some great memories.”

Nice to hear a legend speak well of the club. Beyond training with the club, I hope he passed on his wealth of experience to the players at the club? Players like Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey and Wilshere have lots to learn from him. Gilberto still remains one of the most disciplined and astute defensive midfielders that Wenger bought.

The old gang shouldn’t think Wenger just want them to train with the club for their own benefits alone, Le Prof must think there are things the upcoming group can learn from them. To this end, I can’t fault the return of any of them.

While Henry would always supply pep talks for the strikers on how to finish and be lethal in front of goal, Pires would advise the wingers and attacking midfielders on how to not only be a conventional winger but a goal scoring one.