Celebrity Gunner Wenger Urges To Buy A Striker


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has come under heavy criticisms from one of his most vocal critics, celebrity Arsenal fan Piers Morgan for his failure to make any signing so far in this winter window.

So far this month, Arsenal’s rivals Chelsea and Manchester United have significantly strengthened their squads with the Blues signing Matic and closing in on Salah while Manchester United already have Blues’ ace Juan Mata in their sights.

When quizzed over new signings, this is what Wenger had to say,

“It looks very unlikely. It is 23 January today and at the moment I must say we are not close to doing anything. I feel a bit guilty always going to a press conference during the transfer market and having nobody to announce (as a signing) but I don’t want to lie. Overall we have a very strong squad. If something exceptional turns up we will do it but having said that not everybody will strengthen. They buy, but buy does not always mean strengthen.”

While that was a bit disappointing to expectant fans who spend their hard earned money to Buy football tickets online and offline just to see their darling team player, it must have annoyed Morgan who took to his outlet (twitter) to air his anger.

“You can’t sign world class players in January’ – well, unless it’s Mata or Salah. BUY, ARSENE, BUY. #Afc

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 23, 2014

Brilliant player, 17 goals in 27 games for Egypt > RT @PeckishPenguin @piersmorgan since when was Salah world class?

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 23, 2014

I read Piers Morgan’s tweets and I couldn’t but laugh. Wenger never said there were no quality players but in the areas we need to strengthen ( striking position), there aren’t so available. Mata was available but we don’t need him as we already have Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey and Podolski. Leaving Chelsea for Arsenal would have meant change of location but same situation (bit-part role) because I don’t see him walking straight into the Arsenal first team.

He spoke about Salah. Who in God’s name is the guy? We all know Mourinho didn’t buy him because he is quality, he simply bought him just to prevent Liverpool from buying him and apparently getting stronger. If Mata found regular berth a rarity, is it Salah that would get it? Or maybe Morgan thinks Salah is a striker. If that is the case, he needs to do his assignment well as Salah can’t lead the line alone and I doubt Wenger is willing to change formation right now.

Arsenal shouldn’t buy just for the sake of spending money, it must be to fill a void and that void currently exist only in the striking position and which of the top strikers is ready to make a switch mid-season? I am sure Morgan will be quick to mention Suarez and Diego Costa but let me quickly remind him that Suarez just renewed his contract with Liverpool and if he is to leave at all, it would be in the summer and premised on the condition that the Reds miss top four again and as for Costa, it isn’t all about the money, I admit his release clause is within our financial capability but it isn’t all about money after all Liverpool met his release clause in the summer but he rejected them. Most players would want to stay in their comfort zone months before the World Cup to maintain their form and also enhance their chances of making their country’s squad to the World Cup.

Arsene Wenger would buy but there is no guarantee it would be in the winter because the options are limited but despite that, I believe he would still do so. There is still ample time to do that. If he bought Ozil on the final day of the summer window, then he can do something similar on the final day of the winter window. And if Morgan is so tired of supporting Arsenal because Wenger is refusing to indulge in financial doping, he should simply Buy tickets for Manchester United matches and watch them. After all he was using them as an example to how a team should be run last season.