Arsenal To Make Special Announcement Tomorrow – Draxler Maybe?

Arsenal have scheduled a “special media conference” for Monday according to several journalists who were reportedly sent an email by the club and I wonder what they are set to brief the world about that demands a special conference. Could it be the announcement of the Puma deal? That doesn’t warrant a special media conference as everyone is almost privy to the information that Arsenal are set to change kit makers as the club ends its long running relationship with Nike and is set to start a fruitful one with Puma.

Could it be the announcement of a transfer acquisition? That might just be it but Wenger has claimed the Gunners are close to signing any player but what of Schalke forward Julian Draxler? Le Prof declared nothing of such was in the offing but that is in sharp contrast with what is in the news making the rounds in the media.

Whatever it is, I sincerely hope it is the acquisition of Draxler and that is a plausibility going by the media buzz around the deal. The latest report have it that Arsenal have agreed a fee with Schalke for the German forward. It has been revealed by renowned Norwegian footballer cum journalist Jan Aage Fjortoft and is in the media outlets like Telegraph, Mirror and Talksport despite Wenger’s denial.

Wenger categorically denied it yesterday but the Frenchman has the track record of playing cheeky with transfers that are imminent. He did with Cazorla, Arteta and Ozil, could this be a déjà vu? Guess things will be clearer on Monday.