Who Wins Draxler Race, Bayern Or Arsenal?

The winter transfer window has come and has already gone with Arsenal failing to land any of their top targets mainly Schalke’s attacker Julian Draxler. The Gunners could only manage to get a loan signing from Spartak Moscow in the person of Swedish midfielder Kim Kallstrom.

Fans and pundits are still at a loss as to why Arsenal failed to prise the twenty-year old German away from the Bundesliga outfit. Wenger gave the impression that Arsenal weren’t in the hunt for Draxler though media reports even from reliable source such as Skysports suggested otherwise.

New emerging reports suggest that indeed Arsenal were in the race but were stopped in their tracks by German giants Bayern Munich. This was suggested by Jan Aage Fjortoft, a reliable ex footballer turned journalist.

Bayern Munich managed to stop the Draxler-deal by saying “we take him in the summer”.—

Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) February 01, 2014

Heldt confirmed Schalke received an offer for Draxler but didn’t reveal the identity of the club that made it. The only hint he gave was that it came from the club to the North of them. Geographically, it rules out Arsenal but how sure are we that he wasn’t talking tongue in cheek? It could be Arsenal too because Arsenal are in the North of London.

But from the situation now, it seems the race for Draxler’s situation will be a straight forward battle between Arsenal and Bayern. Looks like Bayern want him to replace contract rebel Toni Kroos who could be sold in the summer. Bayern’s interest doesn’t necessarily mean they would win the race for him. In the summer, his release clause will become active and should we bid it, we have the chance to get him.

I sincerely believe Arsenal stand a chance of getting him since there is less competition at the Emirates than the Allianz Arena. At Arsenal he could become the new Henry since Wenger plans to convert him from a winger into a striker and that could work since Arsenal are still suffering from dearth of strikers. But at Bayern, he would play in the midfield where Goetze, Martinez, Alcantra and Schweinsteinger are all vying for roles.

Dear Draxler, where would you rather play and Schalke, doesn’t it make sense for you to sell him outside the Bundesliga than sell him to a domestic rival and get haunted by him every season?