Gervinho Hits Out At Arsenal Again. Is He Confused?


Former Arsenal and Ivorian striker Gervinho has hit out at his former manager at his erstwhile club Arsenal, Arsene Wenger yet again saying the Frenchman was the cause of his woes at the club since he didn’t show ample faith in him. Here is what he said,

“The difference between Roma and Arsenal? The coach,” the 26-year-old told Sports Illustrated.

“Here my coach, Rudi Garcia, gives me confidence, I know that he believes in me. When I wake up in the morning, I like to come to work, I cannot wait.”

“I could say that my success has been thanks to coming to Italy, but it is not so,” he added. “I am happy here, the city is fantastic, there are wonderful team-mates and friends alike, but many of these qualities were also in England.

“Life in Italy is the same as it was before me. I honestly did not learn much from Arsenal. It is difficult to learn anything on the sidelines.

“I left because I was not playing. Not enough. In Rome, however, it is another story.”

I can’t help but laugh after reading his comments. So he wasn’t looking forward to coming to training while at Arsenal? It’s little wonder he was lost at times while playing. He said Wenger didn’t believe in him. How else can a manager believe in you other than by giving you ample time to play and that Le Prof did in his first season and even in his last despite his continued poor showing. Wenger isn’t the manager to give up on players so soon though like every other person, he has his own elastic limit that once a player crosses that threshold, there seems no way back for him.

The player claimed Wenger didn’t believe in him. How come Wenger used him on the wings and even preferred to use him as a false nine pending the time Giroud bedded in? He claimed he didn’t learn anything at Arsenal because he was on the sidelines but he enjoyed regular first team appearances in his first season, why didn’t he learn stuff then?

Reports have it that he is in a stunning form at Roma but checking his stats, I am not overtly impressed. He has played twenty-one games and has just five goals and five assists. Even Ramsey has posted better stats than that this season.

Conclusively, he has left and Arsenal have moved on. He should concentrate on his Roma career and make the best of it so he isn’t chased away again and then resort to tales of woe.