Giroud Picks Premier League Ahead Of Champions League

Olivier Giroud

Twitter seems to be the relaxation spot for players these days and today, Giroud took to Twitter to mingle with fans of the club, allowing them ask him questions on #AskGiroud.

Of all the many questions that were asked him like his favourite goal to which he responded Spurs. Well, I have seen the goal and it’s quite cool but I don’t see anything awesome about it though he has the right to choose it. But I will manage it because it was against our naughty neighbours, won us three points and condemned them to their first of the many losses this season. He was also asked about his toughest opponent to which he said Ivanovic; I just hope the Serbian defender isn’t reading as he might have scored a psychological point over the Frenchman ahead of the London derby and potentially title decider between both teams next month.

The question that caught my fancy was the trophy he would prefer Arsenal to win this season? The Gunners are still in the hunt for three trophies this season (Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup). Here’s what the French striker said,

Winning the League or the Champions League ? ? #askGiroud

— • Angela Tsaturian (@i_Angela_) February 6, 2014

Olivier says: “Tough question! I’d say both but I would choose the Premier League first.” #AskGiroud

Interesting. I wonder why he chose the league? Could it be because he feels Arsenal aren’t strong enough to conquer Europe or winning the league is a better prove that Arsenal are the best side in England and worthy champions?

Posing the question to myself, which would I opt for? Champions League or Premier League? That is a tough one and I think I would rather become Oliver Twist and go for both but if I am to choose one, I bet I’ll go for the Champions League because winning it ahead of Barca, Real and Bayern is certainly an achievement and as for the league, I would gladly cede it to City.

What would Wenger choose? I guess he would opt for the Champions League too because it is the only missing trophy from his cabinet. He has won the Premier League three times already and could afford to sacrifice it to get what he has never won.

But no need to choose as Arsenal are still in the running for both and with proper planning and slice of good fortune, Arsenal could win both.