Arsenal Would Be Favourites For Title If…..


Arsenal have been accused of not splashing the cash in the transfer market but the real problem has been them selling their biggest stars in the past. Former Arsenal youngster Reice-Charles Cook believes the Gunners would have a good chance of been Premier League champions if they still had the likes of Fabregas, RVP, Nasri, Song in their fold.

Reice -Charles Cook was a former Arsenal youngster and did well in the club’s NextGen Series side but has since moved on to League Two side Bury. He was in awe of former Arsenal attacker Samir Nasri who starred for City in their Capital One victory over Sunderland. Below are his tweets,


— Reice Cook (@MrReiceCook) March 2, 2014


— Reice Cook (@MrReiceCook) March 2, 2014

If Arsenal managed too keep Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasri, Song with the squad they have now. They would be champions.

— Reice Cook (@MrReiceCook) March 2, 2014

I quite agree with Cook as I have always believed that Arsenal’s major problem hasn’t been buying big but in selling big. Like he said, if we still had all of them in our fold, our team would be a lot stronger than it is now but at the same time, we might not have some players in the team. With Fabregas and Nasri in the team, we might not have bought Cazorla and Ozil and with Van Persie, there might never have been Giroud.

No doubt, Arsenal have lost key players but there are some that I don’t regret seeing their back. Players like Song, Clichy and Adebayor are good riddance. Song is supposed to be a defensive midfielder but his discipline makes the defence very vulnerable when it is exposed owing to his indiscipline which he exhibits through his globetrotting to the attack. A box to box midfielder is a plus for any team but that role is not for slow players like Song.

As for Clichy, Gibbs is a better all round player and without the exit of Clichy, Gibbs might not have emerged and got the chance his talent deserves. As for Adebayor, it is obvious for all eyes to see. You can never satisfy a greedy soul, no matter what you do to keep him happy, at the sight of a better offer, he will jump ship. As City fans if you are in doubt.

Since we have learnt the lesson the hard way, Arsenal must learn to keep their key players. We are already reaping the dividends of an un-decimated squad as we are challenging for the Premier League this season unlike the last one when we struggled to make top 4. Even if we don’t win the Premier League this season, we would stand a better chance of doing so next season if we keep the core of the current squad together while adding a couple of quality players to it in the summer.