Theo Walcott Might Just Go To World Cup After All – Reports


Arsenal and England winger Theo Walcott has been ruled out of the world cup due to an anterior cruciate ligament injury suffered by him in a match against Tottenham Hotspurs in the FA Cup but may still be on a plane to Brazil. Well, not as a player who is going to the World Cup to play for his nation but as a pundit.

The BBC have offered Walcott the chance to be a pundit on their World Cup program after being impressed by his recent appearances on TV as a pundit for ITV and Skysports according to reports. The BBC have already recruited Arsenal legend Thierry Henry but are keen to add another big name to their roster and apparently Walcott fits the bill perfectly.

It is perhaps no surprise that broadcasters are keen on signing him. Apart from being a current England star who could offer a lot of insight on what happens behind the scenes, Walcott is also seen as someone who has strong grasp of the technical aspects of the game. It perhaps has something to do with him being an Arsenal player. Players from the likes of Stoke probably wouldn’t make for very entertaining viewing or analysis.

ITV are also said to be very keen to add him to their World Cup roster.