Wenger Is A Magician Claims Nasri

look at me, I am a traitor
look at me, I am a traitor

Former Arsenal attacker Samir Nasri has never shyed away from hitting out at Arsenal and rubbing the trophyless spell of the Gunners in their faces; the recent been after he won the Capital One Cup with Manchester City.

Now, he has hailed his former boss Arsene Wenger as a magician whose progress has hampered by lack of funds.

“Arsene Wenger didn’t have the funds to build the team he wanted. I know him really well and he is not happy when he is not winning, so I think it is a little bit hard on him because for me is a magician for everything he has done for Arsenal,” Nasri told ESPN.

Interesting and ridiculous thoughts from Nasri. I agree Wenger has been hampered by lack of funds but besides that, he has been betrayed by those he sacrificed a lot for. Despite not having the same budget as his rivals, he was able to sign some raw talents which he forged into quality players. Should the players that jumped ship had stayed with Arsenal, the Gunners would have won a trophy long time ago. Why did the likes of Fabregas, Adebayor, Clichy, Van Persie and Nasri leave Arsenal?

Nasri is ridiculous as he keeps speaking with both sides of the mouth. One minute he is ridiculing Arsenal, the next, he is eulogising Wenger but what he has failed to realise is that Arsenal and Wenger are the same. If he really loved Wenger, he would have rebuffed the advances of City and stayed at Arsenal to make sure his project was a success.

The City attacker also claimed Arsenal are in the title race and have improved from past seasons.

“Look in the league. They are there and they will be there until the end. They were unlucky like us to draw a team like Bayern Munich. In the FA Cup they are still there so they spent some money and they have a good team,” he added.

I am surprised he is saying this. After all, the last time he spoke about City’s rivals for the title, he spoke about Liverpool and Chelsea and didn’t even spare a mention for Arsenal. Why now?

All I can say about Nasri is that he is confused and wants to eat his cake and still have it. He has left Arsenal but seems to want to keep the back door open should there be reversal of fortune and he finds himself surplus to requirements at City. Probably, Wenger would consider him and Arsenal fans would welcome him with open arms. Big dream I would say.

Arsenal have moved on and we are interested in players who are committed and not easily swayed by more money somewhere else.