Wenger Urges Ozil To Go For Goal More

Mesut Ozil Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has urged his German star Mesut Ozil to be more selfish when presented with a goalscoring opportunity. Ozil opened Arsenal’s goal account in the FA Cup clash against Everton with a well taken side-footed finish following a brilliant pass from fellow playmaker, Spaniard Santi Cazorla. Wenger has turned Oliver Twist and is asking for more of that.

“Of course it’s important for him and the way he took his chance. Sometimes you want him to take more of a chance because he looks always for the good pass so I hope that will encourage him,” he told his post-match press conference.

“What I like with him is physically he looked regenerated, having more power in his runs. What as well I liked, he did a lot of dirty work for a player like him in the first half; on a counter attack, he came back.

“When he plays like that, you have a better chance to win the game.”

Well said Wenger. Arsenal have been berated for wanting to score the perfect goal and that tends to lead them to passing and eventually loose the chance but Wenger’s statement seems to depict another. looks like Wenger himself doesn’t like too many passes when presented with a scoring opportunity and I believe Le Prof’s statement isn’t only a wake-up call for Ozil alone but also for Giroud, Cazorla and Rosicky. The Frenchman is famed for wanting to pass even instead of shooting at sight (at least that is what strikers are expected to do). Hopefully, they would listen and we would see more of goal attempts when in the box as against many more passes.