Wenger Gives Reason For Chelsea Defeat

Arsene Wenger angry

The footballing world is still shocked at Arsenal’s humiliating loss to Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge. The Gunners lost 6-0 to the Blues and that looks to have served a huge blow to their Premier League title ambitions. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has tried to offer an explanation to the shocking and embarrassing loss.

“Well we are intelligent enough and care enough about the Club to of course be disappointed with our performance. It looked like we missed the start of our game and were caught on the counter attack – We were caught on the break. After that of course the game became very long because down to ten men,” the boss told the Arsenal press office.

The loss was also synonymous with the loss at Anfield earlier last month. Le Prof tried to dry a synergy between both games.

“Liverpool, yes. The common thing was that it was a 12.45 game and twice we were caught at the start of the game. We think about that and at the moment there’s no rational explanation other than the quality of our opponents and that we were caught at the start of the game. Why? We don’t really know.”

How funny! Just like Wenger rightly pointed out, we were caught on the counter attack and that is no thanks to the fact that on the day, Arsenal lacked a disciplined defensive midfielder. Each time Arsenal lost the ball, Chelsea galloped forward and scored. What was Arteta who was meant to hold the defensive side of the midfield doing? Beyond the timing of both games (Liverpool and Chelsea), Arsenal lost both because we lacked a disciplined defensive midfielder.

Is it a coincidence that for both games, Flamini didn’t start? The shocking loss is a wake-up call to Wenger that Arsenal still need to add steel to their midfield. With what we have at the middle of the pack, we can beat the smaller and average teams but will struggke against the top teams that have imposing players at the middle of the pack and fleet footed players in attack. All these Chelsea and Liverpool had in common when they put us to the sword at their respective home grounds.

Too late this season as the transfer window has already slammed shut so we are left with Flamini and Arteta but this is a situation that needs to be corrected in the summer if Arsenal are really serious about winning major honours next season.