Arsene Wenger Promises Full Concentration After Loss To Chelsea

While still trying to find answers as to why his boys lost to Chelsea last Saturday; Arsene Wenger has promised that the Gunners will not lose focus until the end of the season in May.

The manager was speaking to the in-house Arsenal Media channel yesterday after the Gunners officially cancelled the pre-match conference slated for Monday.

“The Premier League is difficult and as soon as you drop your standards a little bit you are of course in danger.

“It happens to many clubs because the fight for the relegation is very hard.

“The fight at the top is very, very hard and that’s why every game has its own difficulties that you have to deal with.”

The club had earlier this year lost 6-3 to City and 5-1 to Liverpool before Saturday’s 6-0 loss to current league leaders Chelsea. Like the previous 2 heavy losses to both City and Liverpool; the team had fallen behind Chelsea within the first 10 minutes of the match last Saturday. This is now becoming a regular pattern, and the manager it would seem doesn’t have answers to the reason why his team always fails to turn up against the big teams.

Unlike our title rivals, Arsenal were unable to get more than a single point against a Man United team that is struggling for form this season.

“We are intelligent enough and care enough about the club to, of course, be disappointed with our performance,” the boss said.

“I believe Man City was different, (but) Liverpool, yes. The common thing was that it was a 12.45 game and twice we were caught at the start of the game.

“We think about that and at the moment there is no rational explanation other than the quality of our opponents and that we were caught at the start of the game. Why? We don’t really know.”

While the boss continues to look for solution to why the team continues to fall like a pack of cards to teams like Chelsea and Man City; Arsenal can heave a sigh of relief as the FA yesterday rescinded the red card issued to Kieran Gibbs. The FA also confirmed that Arsenal attacking midfielder Alex Oxlade Chamberlin will be eligible to play in today’s rescheduled league match against Swansea City.