Juventus’ Interest In Olivier Giroud Confirmed

There have been rumours about Olivier Giroud, not the kind we’ve come to expect in recent months but kind that pertain to large sums being exchanged for his services.

Italian giants Roma and Juventus have been linked with Arsenal’s star striker even though his agent has denied any interest. This should come as a surprise to many Arsenal fans after his erratic performances and the slurry of controversies surrounding him but objectively looking, he’s had a pretty decent season and were it not for his inconsistencies he’d probably be looked at through rose tinted glasses.

Giroud has scored 18 goals this season which is a substantial total but the memories of his missed chances and inability to burry clear cut chances has scarred fans deeply enough to not want him any longer. These 18 goals also look a tad short when you learn that he plays in front of England’s most creative midfield. Ozil has created the highest number of goal scoring chances in Europe and yet these goals are nowhere to be found. Any better striker in his place would be competing for the golden boot with Suarez and Sturridge. Giroud has been found wanting on many occasions and the frustration that he brings out in fans is immense.

All this along with his off field problems is perhaps enough to make Wenger consider the offers from other clubs even though his agent has outright denied his client’s interest in moving elsewhere.

“The rumours about Olivier are not surprising given that he is having a great season.” His agent Michael Manuello is quoted as saying.

“I read about Juventus and Roma, but the truth is that there has been no contact with these clubs or other ones.

“Juver were interested, it is true, but that was before he moved to Arsenal.

“He’s very settled in London and the club is happy with him. I think there is no possibility he might change club,

“At the end of the season we will meet with the Gunners to discuss a contract extension.”