Search For Wenger’s Replacement – Wenger Won’t Interfere

Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger insisted once again over the weekend that when he eventually leaves the Emirates, he would not be a part of the selection process for his successor. When asked if he would look to have an input into who took over the reins when he calls time, as was the case with Sir Alex at Manchester United, the French man was quick to decline.

“I have always said, and you can check, everyone has his job.

“My job is to do well for the team, not to do anything else.”

When it was pointed out to Wenger that Fergie had done the same, the long serving manager replied ” who tells you that Fergie has done that? I don’t know.” Wenger, whose side face title favourites Manchester City at the Emirates today, admitted he had made mistakes over the course of this season and done some soul searching following his team’s dip in form that has seen them pick up only 8 points out of the last available 24.

“Don’t worry, I question myself a lot and think if I have one quality – or one flaw – it is maybe that” he said

“Do you ask me if I have made zero mistakes last year? I am not stupid enough to say yes”.

I suppose Wenger, having carefully observed the situation with Manchester United and seen the glaring struggles of Sir Alex Ferguson’s anointed successor, has made a quality decision here to focus on the football and forget the politics. This is a better decision making process from the 64-year-old as against his decision not to sign another striker last summer.

However, I believe ( and hope ) he will stay 2 more years at least. We are close to finally becoming a world class team. We may be fighting for the 4th EPL spot with Everton at the moment but everyone can see we are only 2-3 world class additions away from becoming a world beater. Should Wenger go all out in the summer to do the right business, we will have a great chance of winning the EPL next season especially considering we have enough money in the bank to finally compete with the so called big boys in the transfer market.