Ramsey Charges Arsenal To Bounce Back

Arsenal have received several blows in the last few weeks with the most recent one coming at the weekend against Everton at the Goodison Park. With the loss at the Goodison Park, Arsenal’s Premier League title aspirations lie in tatters but their hopes of landing a silverware this season still remains intact as they are in the FA Cup semi-final and are scheduled to play Wigan at the weekend at Wembley.

To this end, Arsenal cannot afford to feel too sorry for themselves as there is really no time for lamentation and shedding tears for an already spilt milk. They must pick themselves up in time for the clash against Wigan. This is my thoughts and it seems to be in tandem with that of returning Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

“We have to pick ourselves back up now,” the Welshman told the club’s official website. “We have still got a lot of points to play for. We are in the semi-final of the FA Cup so we have got to put things right.

“We have to put a strong run-in together now. We have five games left and we will aim to win them all to give us the best opportunity to finish fourth or higher.”

Well said Ramsey. Contrary to the belief of some critics, Arsenal’s season isn’t over just yet. There is the FA Cup and top 4 finish which would guarantee Champions league football next season to fight for. Just like he said, let us get ourselves together and return to top form. With our performance against Manchester City, we have proven that we could step up to the plate and a win against Wigan would go a long way in rebuilding the shattered confidence and help push the players above the
finishing line ahead of Everton.

There is the general notion that top 4 is now in Everton’s hands. I agree should they win all their remaining fixtures, they will finish 4th but how plausible is it for them to beat the two Manchester teams with one fighting for the league title while the other is hoping to make Europa League. Realistically, top 4 is still in Arsenal’s hands and it would take the Gunners losing one more game before Everton stand a chance of leapfrogging the Gunners.