Wenger Wants FA Cup Trophy And Premier League 4th Place

Arsenal’s season that promised so much just some months ago looks set to deliver so little as Arsenal have been boxed into a corner to scramble for a FA Cup trophy and a top 4 finish. This situation has pitted Arsenal in a situation where they are now between the devil and the deep blue sea and there has been several opinions with some urging Wenger to jettison the battle for a top 4 finish to secure the FA Cup trophy, a feat which would bring to an end 8 years of trophy absence while others have also asked Wenger to concentrate on both targets. Here is what the Frenchman himself has to say about his targets for the remainder of the season.

“What is important after our performance against Everton is to perform well.

“That’s where our future lies, it’s with our capacity to reply with a strong performance.

“That is the next game and the next game is the FA Cup.”

Interesting thoughts from Wenger but in my own opinion, I believe Arsenal should go for both targets as they are not beyond Arsenal’s purview to get. This weekend, Arsenal would play Wigan in the FA Cup semi-final and a win for them would see them through to the finals but they won’t be playing the final until after the Premier League must have been concluded and that means they have ample time to concentrate on the Premier League and make sure they finish at least 4th in the Premier League so as to guarantee Champions League football next season.

Both targets are very key. The trophy drought has extended long enough and it is high time Arsenal put an end to it and they have the perfect opportunity this season with them been the only top team left in the competition. It is also vital that Arsenal finish in the top 4 as they need the lure of Champions League football to attract the top names. They might not need the money the competition provides to keep them afloat financially but they certainly need the competition to get the top players. No top player would want to join Arsenal if the Gunners are not in the Premier European competition.

Contrary to thoughts that Everton now holds the ace in the race for a top 4 finish, I don’t think so. The Toffees still have title chasing City to play and with the way the Manchester side are playing, not even a top 4 inspired Everton can stop them. One more loss for Everton and Arsenal will have their top 4 fate firmly in their hands again.