Champions League Draw – Arsenal In Port 1, Set To Avoid Big Guns

Arsenal have placed in Port 1 as preparation towards next season Champions League draws nearer.

Arsenal however, still need to play two qualifying matches against a yet to be named team in order to make it into the group stages of the annual competition for top European teams.

Liverpool are making a reappearance into the Champions League after being absent for five seasons. Liverpool came second in the EPL this season, and gained automatic qualification to the group stage, but have placed in Port 3.

Current EPL Champions Manchester City are in Port 2, while Chelsea are also in Port 1 just like Arsenal.

This year’s Champions League competition saw just one English team made it to the semi-final, with Arsenal, Manchester City, and Manchester United bowing out in the second round and quarter-finals respectively.

However, things could still change depending on the qualifying rounds with teams like Arsenal, Porto, Bayer Leverkusen, Napoli, Zenith St. Petersburg, FC Salzburg, Steaua Bucuresti, and CH-QR4 set to determine who goes into the group stages.

Last time out, Arsenal edged out Fenerbahce of Turkey 5-0 on aggregate in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League with Aaron Ramsey scoring a brace in the second leg.

Personally I believe Arsenal will make it into the group stage of the champions league and the fact that we have been placed in POT 1 is a good thing as it means we will avoid the likes of Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Juventus and the English clubs.

However, I am worried because knowing Wenger he may delay transfer dealings until we have actually qualified for the champions league and that could spell doom for us. If we leave our transfer dealings late, we are very likely to have to compete with other big clubs who are ready to spend big money and knowing Wenger, that could be disastrous as the Frenchman will most likely chicken out when he feels he can’t get value.