Why Sagna To Manchester City Will Amount To Another Arsenal Betrayal

It seems the chicken has finally come home to roast as Sagna is reportedly close to a move to Premier League champions Manchester City. The Frenchman is out of contract at Arsenal and yet to agree an extension with the North Londoners and this has fueled rumours that he could be joining City that are ready to offer him 150k per week 3 year deal.

Sagna ended his current Arsenal contract on the high with a solid performance in the FA Cup final triumph over Hull. The fans hailed him while his teammates gave him an emotional send forth. An emotional laden Sagna gave a hint that he might yet stay on at Arsenal. He said he would sit with the Arsenal board to try and fashion out a way out.

Reports are claiming he would have talks with City. Of course that is expected but that doesn’t mean he would join them. I am not saying he should stay at Arsenal at all cost, but joining City would be a huge betrayal. The only reason why he could be contemplating switching to City is for financial reasons and that would portray him as been greedy.

Arsenal have lost many top players to City; Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy, Toure and of them all, only Kolo Toure stayed in Arsenal’s fans’ good books. The reason why the others aren’t is simply because they left Arsenal for City just for the financial gains though they claim it’s for silverware. Sagna doesn’t even have the luxury of the other option as Arsenal are no longer trophyless after winning the FA Cup.

Sagna moving to City would leave a sour taste in Arsenal’s fans’ mouth. He would be a cult hero if he opts for a team outside the Premier League but for a domestic rival, I don’t think so.

Arsenal have done well and showed him enough love by bending their stringent rule of 1 year contract renewal for players in their 30s. Not only that, they gave him a 3 year contract. That is unprecedented. The last person that broke the stringent 1 year extension was Lauren and the Cameroonian only got 2 years. Arsenal’s offer also came with a huge pay rise though it fell short of Sagna’s demand of 100k per week. All these concessions for a 31 year old player with a history of two broken legs is
too big a risk.

All these concessions on Arsenal’s part show how highly he is rated and the least Sagna can do is reciprocate it by signing it since he has the security and pay rise he wants. And if he feels it is still not good enough, then he should go to another league. I am sure he would get the 100k or more in France with PSG or Monaco. Should he insist on a move to City, I can assure him of something and that’s a barrage of Arsenal boos.