Cesc Fabregas Vs Sami Khedira Who Should Arsenal Buy?

It is the summer already and transfer rumours are flying all around. One of the many interesting ones is that Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas could be in the market as Barca plan a clearance sale in a bid to prepare well for next season and prevent a deja vu of a terrible season.

Should Barca decide to sell Fabregas, Arsenal will be a mooted destination no thanks to the fact that Fabregas was the Gunners’ former captain and there’s still a healthy relationship between him, Wenger and the fans. Almost everyone would want him back and that includes me.

He isn’t the only good midfielder that might be in the market, Real Madrid’s German midfielder Sami Khedira is another. The German might be eying the exit door at the Bernabeu in a bid to get more regular first team football. He has since lost his place in the first team to Modric.

Who should Arsenal go for?

Some people would chorous Khedira because of the belief that he would solve the defensive midfield problem by adding steel to our brittle midfield. Can I get somethings clear here? Khedira is no defensive midfielder. He is a box to box midfielder just like Ramsey and Wilshere and just like Fabregas when he first started with us. It is almost an impossibility to expect him to bench Ramsey. If he is contemplating leaving Real owing to dearth of first team football, would he accept bench role at Arsenal? Don’t think so.

In my own opinion, Fabregas should be the one to bring back. In fact bringing back the Spaniard to Arsenal is a no-brainer. I know we already have Ozil in the central attacking midfield position but it is important to note that Rosicky and Arteta are already aging. Arteta could even leave next season, the earlier we get a long term replacement for them the better.

Also, the Fabregas that left isn’t the same as the one that might be coming. When he left Arsenal, he could only play in the in the attacking midfield and sometime Box to box role but Barca have added versatility to him and now, besides the midfield role, he can play on the wings and also in the false 9 role. He might be a playmaker like Ozil but their style of play is different.

If Fabregas is available, he won’t cost Arsenal an arm and leg to land him since they already have a buy-out clause agreed and in place. Another reason why Fabregas should be signed if available is to prevent him from signing for Manchester United. Arsenal might have a buy back clause but failure to activate it could leave the door open for Manchester United to pounce for him. Which gunner in their right senses will want to see Cesc play for the enemies?

I have heard former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour argue that Fabregas isn’t what Arsenal need but a striker. I agree with that but money splashed out on Fabregas wouldn’t prevent us from landing a striker. Infact, signing Fabregas could mean us not signing a big name striker. Whilst at Arsenal, Fabregas made a barely okay striker ( Adebayor) to thrive, how much more better strikers? Giroud and Remy might not be big name but they are certainly better than Adebayor. Fabregas would make
them look even better.

Finally, unlike Khedira, Fabregas understands the league and Arsenal. Hence, he won’t require for time for adaptation but instead, hit the ground running.