Fabregas Situation : Why The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side

When he was leaving Arsenal, it looked as though Barca were having the last laugh over a club that snatched their player as a potential laden youngster as what they were getting back was one that had discovered his talent, honed his skills and carved a niche for himself as one of the World’s best midfielders. To say Barca bullied Arsenal into selling Cesc is not the complete story, Fabregas also pushed his way out of the club though he didn’t burn the bridges, he showed enough to prove that his heart was no longer at Arsenal but at the Nou Camp.

Some seasons down the line having passed through the hands of many managers and having played in diverse roles, the story isn’t the same again. Now, he has been labelled surplus to requirements and have to chart another course for himself. Barca and Cesc deserve a big hammer for this unpleasant ( well not unpleasant for Arsenal ) siutation and I will duly deliver it.

Barca deserve the first hammer for luring back a player they knew they didn’t need at that time. Every decent football fan knows that Cesc was the long term replacement for Spanish midfield maestro Xavi but that wasn’t the right time to do it because Xavi was still the best at conducting the orchestra and owing to Fabregas’ failure to displace him in his natural position which is at the heart of the midfield saw him playing out of position on the wings. No matter how good fish is, it will struggle on land and that became the fate of Fabregas, he was never at his best out wide instead in the middle orchestrating play.

Barca’s avarice would cost them on the long run. With Fabregas leaving now and Xavi set to retire imminently, Barca won’t be able to adequately replace him with his heir (Fabregas). The Catalans are been linked with Athletico’s Koke. The Spaniard could be a very good midfielder but I doubt if has been schooled in the art of tiki taka. They bought Fabregas when he was still developing and with the manner of the way he is been sent away, they are not likely to have him at his peak.

To the other guilty party, Fabregas, now it is clear to him that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else and trophies don’t guarantee happiness. Fabregas might not have won as many titles at Arsenal but he enjoyed himself in his natural role and cut a cult figure. At Barca, trophies aside, it has been opposite of what he had at Arsenal. He was played out of position, a bit part player and the scapegoat for the fans to turn on when things weren’t going well for the Catalans on the pitch. Finally, he would be getting an unceremonious exit. I doubt if Cesc ever imagined any club could look him in the face and told him he can go but such is the situation staring him in the face.

The Cesc situation is a lesson for other players that turn their back on their loved ones only to be spat in the face. He is lucky that Arsenal are a classy club with classy manager and fans. We love Cesc and would welcome back the prodigal son with open arms.