Gerard Pique Literally Confirms Fabregas Arsenal Return

That Fabregas is set to leave Barcelona and England is his preferred choice is a general knowledge. However, no one seems to know where he will be heading. There have been reports lately that he is close to joining Chelsea. Personally, I do not see that happening and I honest believe if reports doing the round on twitter that Pique has confirmed that Cesc has signed for an unnamed club for 33m euros is true, then Arsenal have signed back their podigal son.

Here is what Pique reportedly said :

Pique: “I’m going to defend Cesc a little. He told me that it’s a done deal. He told me that now it’s done.”

Del Bosque: “He did?”

Pique: “He’s leaving. For €33 million, he told me.”

Del Bosque: “The president isn’t going to win with this disappointment. It’s quite a mess you’re going to have on your hands.”

Pique: “No. No, he said. You guys will go crazy, poor guy.”

“I don’t know what he’s going to do, we haven’t talked about it. I hope he stays, because seeing his stats this past year he’s the midfielder who’s scored the most goals and given the most assists. Clearly I want him to continue with us.

“I love Cesc so much, I know he’s having a difficult time because the club doesn’t value him as much as he deserves.

“Cesc has never been sufficiently evaluated at Barcelona. He would work well at any club in the world and would be basic and fundamental piece, but the club is very complicated and it’s demanding.”

Although as of the time of writing this article, the quotes attributed to Pique hasn’t been confirmed by a big Spanish media out lets but assume it is true and Fabregas has signed for a club for 33m, then who could it be?

First, it should be noted that in the current inflated market, Fabregas is worth at least 45m euros. If David Luiz could be sold for 50m euros, then Fabregas should get as much if not more. And whats more, the fact that Fabregas is such a wonderful player who many will want in their team is a proof that his market value can only sky rocket due to the laws of demand and supply.

But if truly he has been sold for 33m, then it is obvious Arsenal have exercised their buy back and first refusal right. Think about it, why will Barca take 33m euros ( not even pounds ) when they can get much more by throwing up an auction for him?

The fact that 33m euros is same as 25m pounds which is Arsenal’s release clause says it all.

Welcome home Cesc.

Edit : A video proof ( in Spanish off Course ) of Pique quotes is attached below;