Sad To See Fabregas Slip But Chelsea Must Not Get Him

If wishes were horses, beggars would take a ride. It is no longer news that former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has been declared surplus to requirements at the Nou Camp and could be set for a move out of the Blaugranas with a return to the Premier League high on the cards.

According to the contract that took him to Barca, Arsenal inserted a clause that would see them have a first refusal opportunity should he be up for sale. Aside having a first refusal, they have a buy back clause reportedly pegged at 25m pounds. Now that, that is happening, one would have expected that Arsenal would have activated the clause but unfortunately, that is looking unlikely as according to reports ( both reliable and unreliable), Arsenal have passed on the opportunity to re-sign Fabregas. Reason given is that Arsenal are in good hands with regards to creative midfielders and don’t need to add to that department of the team.

The apparent snub from Arsenal could see Fabregas do the unthinkable and move to a rival Premier League team. Chelsea, City and Manchester United are reportedly keen on signing him. No doubt, it would be sad seeing Fabregas playing for any of them. If he goes to Manchester United he becomes another traitor like Van Persie (funny enough, they are both ex-Arsenal captains), if he goes to City he tows the path of former traitors ( Adebayor, Nasri and Clichy) and should he move to Chelsea he follows the treacherous path of former Arsenal left-back Ashley Cole.

I feel for Wenger because he is in a difficult position considering the fact that Arsenal have some exciting attacking midfielders in Ramsey and Wilshere. Wenger won’t want to stymie their development by landing Fabregas who is more experienced and seems better than they are now but they have the potential to be better than him in the long term.

Can I blame Fabregas? I can blame him for leaving Arsenal 3 years ago because if he had not left, his development won’t have stagnated like it has done in Barca but, truly many will want to return to their boyhood club but he was too ambitious with it, everyone knew he had little chance with Xavi still around. Can I blame him for wanting to leave Barca now? I cannot because at 27, he needs to play regularly and in his natural position not been thrown around and made a scapegoat after every poor result.

The problem now is where should he go to? Reports are claiming Chelsea are leading the race for his signature but as much as I would loathe him leaving for a Premier League team besides Arsenal, I won’t mind City or even Manchester United. Chelsea is where he should never end up at. Wenger must do everything in his power to convince him against a move to Chelsea. Mourinho would never do Arsenal a favour, so why should Wenger do Chelsea a favour? In the past, Mourinho had signed Shawn Wright Phillips just to prevent Arsenal from doing that. What happened to Shawn, he rot on the bench and ended up leaving for City for a paltry sum 2 years after.

Wenger shouldn’t also forget how Mourinho rocked Arsenal’s boat by tapping up Ashley Cole and denying the Gunners of the left-back they risked a lot to raise.

If all these are difficult to remember, how about the Demba Ba episode? Arsenal were in the market for a striker on deadline day, running short of options, Wenger turned to Demba Ba and it looked like the deal was going to sail through until Mourinho pulled plug over the deal. Not because he would be needing Ba as such but because Arsenal just signed Ozil and with a decent striker like Ba, they would stand a good chance of winning the league. Mourinho himself alluded to this.

If Mourinho has never lent Arsenal a helping hand before, why should Wenger do so now. Wenger needs to learn not to help his rivals. Manchester United will never sell Rooney to Arsenal, denied Liverpool the chance to sign Heinze even though the Argentine was surplus to requirements at Old Trafford but we were silly enough to sell them Van Persie. Chelsea won’t allow Ba to join us on loan so why should Arsenal allow them sign Fabregas?

For the Premier League title race next season, Arsenal, City, Manchester United and Chelsea are the front runners but amongst Arsenal’s title rivals, it is Chelsea’s Mourinho that is arrogant and uncouth. Wenger cannot afford to lend him a helping hand to hurt the Gunners again.