Good News For Arsenal As UEFA Plan Tougher Implementation Of FFP

A lot of Arsenal fans have been descending heavily on UEFA in the past few weeks due to the inability of the football body to fully implement its FFP policy. One man who has never failed to speak his mind on the FFP policy is Arsene Wenger, who thinks Platini and his men are not doing enough to protect Arsenal and football from the big spending clubs like PSG, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

UEFA handed Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain heavy fines as well as squad reduction in the Champions League for violating its FFP rules. This move was considered inadequate by football experts and managers including Arsene Wenger.

In what looks like a reaction to various criticisms and condemnation of its recent handling of violation of the FFP policy, according to Daily Mail, Michel Platini is ready to go hammer on clubs that continue to flout the FFP rules. The Mail quotes a source in the football governing body as saying:

“There is a perception that Platini doesn’t want to take Paris St Germain on because they are a French club.  

“But the reality is he and others are fuming at the way they seem to be carry on spending despite already being fined. There is a real resolution within Uefa and among the other clubs to impose a Champions League ban on any club that carries on playing outside the rules,” the source said.

How does this affect Arsenal as a club?

This is great news for Arsenal as if Platini and his men go ahead with the said plan to ban these clubs, it means Arsenal will now be able to compete with the big spenders in the transfer market as a heavy ban such as outright expelling these clubs from the Champions League will force the clubs to be more prudent in their spending which means Arsenal can now compete with clubs that we hitherto cannot compete with.

It could also get the monkeys off Wenger’s back. The 64 year old Frenchman has been advocating prudent spending for so many years and can now see his decision to stick by his principles bear fruits.

What do you make of this? Do you see Platini banning the big spenders from taking part in the Champions League? Do you also see us benefiting from this move if it ever came to reality?