Mario Mandzukic Vs Mario Balotelli – Who Should Arsenal Buy?

This summer transfer window is shaping up to be one of the most interesting one in recent times. Many top players seem available while not too many teams have the money or the status to chase them. Chelsea don’t have as much money as they used to have, now they have to sell to buy. To reinforce that, they have already sold David Luiz. City though have money but they have been handicaped by the FFP sanction of a hefty fine and a limit on the players they can use for next season’s Champions League. What’s the essence of having many players when you can’t use them?

For Barca and Real, the story is also the same, sell before buying. For Manchester United, they have the money to spend but their lack of European football has made them an unattractive proposition for top players. Who doesn’t want to have a feel of Tuesday and Wednesday night football frenzy?

For Arsenal, the good times are here. The Gunners are in the Champions League, also have money to spend and have ended the ignoble run of not having won a trophy in nine seasons. There is no reason why top players won’t be interested in joining them.

Well, Arsenal’s problem has never been lack of interest in top players to join them but rather lack of interest from Wenger. Often times, the Frenchman claims the Gunners are well stocked in some positions but this summer, that excuse would hold no water.

There are obvious frailties in the Arsenal team that need strengthening if the Gunners are to emerge Premier League champions next season. One of such areas is the striking department. Out of last season’s top 4 teams, Arsenal scored the least number of goals. Reason for this isn’t far-fetched, they have the fewest number of strikers. That is one area Wenger must correct if he is serious about challenging.

In solving this problem, Arsenal are presented a rare chance of making their pick of some marquee strikers; Balotelli and Madzukic.

No one would have expected top players like that to be available but surprisingly, they are. Balotelli is reportedly up for sale with the Italian side hawking him around Europe while Mandzukic is also set to leave Bayern after falling out of favour with Bayern boss Pep Guardiola. Who should Arsenal go for?

Mandzukic might cut the figure of a troublesome player but I doubt if he is one unlike Balotelli who has never failed to hug the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Both players are massively talented and would represent an upgrade to what we currently have but the off the field antics of Balotelli makes him a time bomb waiting to explode. Wenger is a good man manager but Balo is a different kettle of fish.

Since both men would be available at the almost the same price, Arsenal should go for the one with a little baggage and that’s the Bayern Mario.

What do you think?