Transfer Merry Go Round : Fabregas To Bayern, Di Maria To Arsenal, Kroos To Madrid

This summer transfer window is shaping up to be an interesting one. Many top players are available. According to reports, Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas is available and many top clubs are interested; Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City but Arsenal that have the buyback clause have reportedly snubbed the chance to re-sign him. This development is an unfortunate one that could see the Gunners’ former captain and fans favourite turn out for fierce and London rivals Chelsea. Certainly, it would be a disappointing sight for Arsenal fans seeing Fabregas join Mourinho’s army.

It is not over just yet as Fabregas’ future hasn’t been decided yet. I believe Fabregas is reluctant joining Chelsea because if he was so eager, he would have signed the dotted lines. Most players in the market going to the World Cup have expressed desire to have their club future settled before the World Cup but Fabregas hasn’t said anything like that. I understand Fabregas’ frustration in Barca but should he move to Chelsea, it would be akin to a move to eroding his legendary status at Arsenal. The best thing is him not joining Chelsea or a Premier League rival.

Arsenal are keen on a move for Di Maria according to reports and Real are willing to sell for the right price which would help them get their prized targets. Bayern Munich could also be in the market for another midfielder as they are set to lose star midfielder Kroos to either Real Madrid. The German has just a year left on his Bayern contract and till date, he has refused signing an extension with the die rothen. Bayern might now be forced cash in on the talented midfielder and should that happen, he won’t be short of interests as the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid would vie for his signature.

Kroos seems to have his heart set on a move to Real Madrid and that could give Los Blancos the needed push to allow Di Maria join Arsenal. With Kroos leaving Bayern and with Guardiola reportedly willing to sell Bayern German captain Bastian Schweinsteiger, he would need another midfielder and that is where a move for Fabregas comes in. Guardiola is Fabregas’ mentor and one of the reasons why he jumped ship from Arsenal to Barca in 2011 a bit earlier than he should if you ask me. An opportunity to reunite with Guardiola at Bayern and also playing in his favourite midfield role would excite Fabregas and would be a more attractive proposition than joining Chelsea or Manchester United where he can only ruin his Arsenal legacies.

Arsenal getting Di Maria, Real Madrid getting Kroos and Bayern getting Fabregas would be a very fitting end to the transfer merry go round involving three European heavyweights. It will leave everyone happy and leave Mourinho red-faced. It is not a mere coincidence that the teams involved have good relationship with Mourinho ( well, he has fewer friends than the amount of hair Pascal Cygan has on his head). Guardiola is a sworn enemy with Mourinho, Real Madrid still have a sour taste in the mouth no thanks to the exploits of Mourinho that left them in the negative spotlight. Arsene Wenger’s spat with Mourinho can’t be over-emphasized.

I will happily applaud Fabregas’ move to Bayern. I understand Arsenal might not be desperately in need for him and I admit Fabregas needs to move to where he will play in a more natural position and regularly but Mourinho must not be allowed to lay his hands on the midfield maestro called Fabregas. This transfer-merry go round will ensure everyone except Mourinho laughs.