Why Podolski May Be Sold This Summer

Lately a lot of wingers have been linked with a move to the Emirates. Does it mean the club is considering the option of placing Lukas Podolski on the transfer market? Could the 29 year old German international who is one of the fan’s favourites be on his way out of the club in the summer?

The possibility of Wenger buying the likes of Angel di Maria, Antoine Griezmann, Alexis Sanchez, and Pedro, and keep them on the bench is remote. The long lists of wingers being linked with a move to the Emirates only suggest the club is working on bringing in a wide man to replace Podoski or what else could it mean?

For the record, all players being linked are regulars in their respective clubs, and are world class. That aside, they command huge transfer fee, which makes it almost impossible to dump anyone of them on the bench.

Having Podolski in the team increases our chances of scoring but that is how far it gets as his work rate especially when it comes to helping the defense is nothing to write home about. Scoring goals is a very important task, but having a player who is able to defend as well is equally important especially if such a player can also score goals.

While the player has stated in recent weeks his determination to remain in London, the possibility of replacing him with any of Griezmann or Pedro or any of the other wing men we have been linked to cannot be ruled out in the summer.

“Going to London was the right step. I had the chance to go to a big club and to play in the strongest league in the world. I am happy in the city, in the league, in the club. Those two years have been outstanding for me,” Podolski said.

Regardless of what the 29 year old might have told the press about his determination to stay put in London, Arsenal may not retain the services of the German international if we ended up with any of the wingers being linked.

Another thing that makes me feel he will be sold this summer is a quote attributed to Wenger a while back which in my understanding implies Wenger sees the German international as limiting his own self.

“Lukas Podolski is super talented, he can play very well with others, has great power, can take free kicks and scores goals from anywhere, but he can develop and become better.

“You always have the feeling that he is 80, 90 percent there, but you want him to give 100 per cent and then he’ll be world class. There’s more to come from him.”

Do you see Podolski remaining in the club if we sign a winger this summer?