Morgan Schnerderlin and Clement Grenier To Arsenal?

Arsenal have been linked with moves for some French stars. Wenger is a staunch fan of his countrymen and it seems he has turned his attention to some of them in his bid to bolster the Gunners’ ranks ahead of the new season. According to some tabloid reports, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been linked with a move for two Frenchmen; Morgan Schnerderlin and Clement Grenier.

It is interesting if you ask me. Arsenal have been linked with Lyon’s Clement Grenier for a while. They tried for him last summer but the Frenchman ended up signing a contract extension with French giants Lyon but according to the tabloid, Wenger wants to re-ignite his interest in him. As interesting as that report sounds it is not needed. If Wenger turned down the opportunity to sign Fabregas, because he felt Arsenal are well stocked in the attacking midfield position then there is no need for Grenier. He is a clone of Fabregas, which means the same argument that nullifies the need to bring back Fabregas is the same argument that should rule out a proposed move for the Frenchman.

But if the report is true and Arsenal are truly keen, it means, that Wenger’s interest in Fabregas is not dead in water then. Wenger must be up to some of his intelligent mischief again. Why would he go for Grenier who is inexperienced at the expense of Cesc that is vastly experienced and already understands the Premier League and Arsenal’s style of play. It doesn’t make sense. Hence, the reported interest in Grenier could be a hoax or an indication that Wenger still wants a creative midfielder and that means Fabregas could still be returning to Arsenal.

On the other target, Morgan Schnerderlin, I agree totally. He is the kind of player Arsenal need to fill a gaping role. The Gunners are in need of a defensive midfield steel and the Saint is in good stead to provide it. He is young, available on the cheap when compared to the price commanded by Pogba and Khedira. Besides, he already understands the Premier League and would hit the ground running unlike a player that is brought in from another league who would need time to adapt to the rigours of the Premier League. Should Wenger succeed in landing Morgan, he would had height and toughness to Arsenal’s midfield. The duo of Arteta and Flamini who have been holding forte in the defensive midfield position, may have tried but they have often been subdued against teams with imposing midfielders ( Chelsea and City) and if Arsenal are to turn the tides against them next season, they need a towering midfielder of their own. Hopefully, it would be the Saint.