Surprise Turn Of Events Could See Arsenal Sign Fabregas At Last

I have said it many times that this transfer window is shaping up to be a very interesting one. While Arsenal are planning on bolstering their ranks some teams are planning to decimate Arsenal’s ranks. The latest report is that La Liga champions Athletico Madrid are interested in signing Arsenal’s ambidextrous Spanish midfielder Santi Cazorla. That is certainly an interesting piece of news and one that could change Fabregas’ situation. According to reports, Arsenal have turned down the chance to sign their former captain because Wenger feels they are well stocked in the attacking midfield position but should the former Malaga man return to the La Liga, Wenger would have no reason not to sign Fabregas.

According to the reports, Athletico Madrid are ready to pay 22 million Euros for Cazorla. If you ask me, that is a very good offer for a 29 year old player. It makes great sense to sell Cazorla (29) for 22 million Euros and replace him with Fabregas who is (26), 3 years younger than his Spanish compatriot. Cazorla no doubt has given Arsenal his best over the last two seasons since arriving from Malaga but football isn’t sentiments and Wenger should make decision based on what would better the lot of the club in the short and long term.

On the strength of that, if the rumoured bid is true, then Arsenal should cash in on him. Fabregas would be a huge plus to Arsenal both in the short and the long term. For the short term, he would fit perfectly into the shoes of Cazorla since his natural role is the attacking midfield position while his stint at Barca has helped him horn his skills on the wings and we all know Wenger likes central midfielders on the wing.

Cazorla’s strength has been his versatility which has made him invaluable to Arsenal. In the absence of Walcott and a natural left winger, he has helped out on the wings but he still fell short of having the potency of a winger since he tends to drift into the centre. On this premise, Arsenal won’t miss him should they replace him with Fabregas.

Getting 22million Euros for Cazorla now would be the best Arsenal would get for him. He has like 2 years left on his current deal and by the time his contract ends, he will be 31. Which means, Arsenal’s offer of a rolling one year extension comes to play. For others, like Rosicky, it might not be a big deal but judging from Arteta’s reluctance to sign the 1 year extension , Cazorla may also tow that line and end up walking away for free like Sagna. Then, Arsenal would have been boxed into a corner, not only losing him for free but not finding the right person to replace him. All these make this the best time to cash in on Cazorla as we will be collecting big money and get back our Fabregas.

It is not even the money that excites me, but the opportunity it gifts us to prevent Mourinho from landing Fabregas. Reports claim that Mourinho believes the Fabregas to Chelsea deal is done but how shocked it would be that a simple sudden show of interest from Arsenal and Wenger would rubbish all of Chelsea’s interest and bogus pay offer. Fabregas wants to return to Arsenal and the sale of Cazorla could be the key to it.