Why Carlos Vela May Not Return But We May Buy Antoine Griezmann

It is no longer news that Arsenal have a buy-back clause for Real Sociedad striker Carlos Vela and because of that, they can bring back the Mexican attacker who is said to be worth at least 20million Euros for a paltry sum of 5.5million Pounds. Sociedad are keen to keep hold of him and to that end, the president of the club was reported to have flown to London to hold talks with the Gunners over abrogating the buy-back clause but seems he returned disappointed as the news he is bandying around is that Arsenal have informed him that they intend activating the buy-back clause and bring back the Mexican they bought as a youngster.

This news has got so many Arsenal fans worried with some starting to call Wenger names simply because they feel Arsenal can do better than Carlos Vela. Many Arsenal fans feel after years of not spending good money in the market, the gunners are due some GOOD times especially as we reportedly have as much as 100m pounds in the bank waiting to be spent.

Well, to this fans I say RELAX AND WATCH. I believe Wenger is up to some interesting tricks. I am disputing the fact that he has his eye on the Mexican but not with the intention of bringing him back to London. He has his sights set on a bigger target probably Antoine Griezmann and believes Vela could be the perfect pawn to be used to lure his countryman to the Emirates. Wenger must have gauged that Arsenal hold the ace in their pursuit of Griezmann judging from Sociedad’s president’s trip to London. That showed their desperation to keep Vela. Let us now see how willing they are to trade him for Griezmann. Whether they like it or not, they are set to lose Griezmann to a bigger club this summer but the way they handle it is dependent on how they play ball over Griezmann.

They could deal with Arsenal and see the Gunners sign Griezmann for a reduced fee and get to remove Vela’s buy-back clause. They can play hardball and set up a bidding war between Arsenal, PSG and Real Madrid to make more money. Judgin by Wenger’s records, he hates bidding war and won’t engage in it but Sociedad should be rest assured that Arsenal would trigger the buy back clause and bring back Vela but there is no guarantee that Wenger intends using Vela next season. He could as well buy him back from Sociedad for 3.5million Pounds and resell him for his actual value which can’t be less than 15million Pounds. The Gunners won’t be short of suitors as reports claim Athletico Madrid interest in the Mexican and won’t buckle at paying the 15million Pounds.

Arsenal are interested in Greizmann but it is unlikely that he is Wenger’s first choice as he bids to strengthen the wings. The Gunners have already been linked with moves for Real’s Angel Di Maria and Barca’s attacking duo if Sanchez and Pedro. I personally believe Wenger want those first and only sees Griezmann as back up plan. I agree Wenger should look more at them because they are more versatile and experienced than Griezmann but certainly, the Frenchman would be cheaper and having watched him play many times, I will definitely want him at Arsenal if we can’t get either of Di Maria, Alex Sanchez or Pedro. Who Wenger buys  dependent on what he priorities; money or experience. All the targets are hugely talented but the degree of experience varies. However, I don’t see Vela in an Arsenal shirt next season.