Arsenal To Sign Alvaro Morata For 24m Pounds?

Arsenal might be forced into a re-direction with regards to their search for a new striker. The Gunners are no doubt in the market for a new striker and have been linked with a raid on La Liga giants Real Madrid no thanks to their long standing interest in two of their strikers; Karim Benzema and Alvaro Morata. The Gunners might be set to lose out on both of them. While Benzema has distanced himself from news of a possible move away from the Bernebeu by claiming he is settled at the capital, the Gunners are set to lose out on their other target, Morata as the European champions have slapped a huge fee on their promising talent.

According to reports in AS, Real Madrid have slapped a fee of 24 million Pounds on Morata. That is a huge fee if you ask me and Arsenal should have a rethink about pursuing other targets. Without any iota of doubt, Morata is talented but lacks experience at the highest level. At Real Madrid, he was a distant third choice behind Benzema and fellow youngster Jesse. 24 million Pounds is premium and for that fee, Arsenal should be looking to get an experienced striker, not a neophyte that would spend his first few years horning his skills and Arsenal would have to nurture to stardom. Is it not risible that Remy is available for less than 10 million Pounds, more experienced and eager to be a Gunner.

Going by the new development,  Wenger should opt for Remy instead of Morata, he would be saving at least extra 14 million Pounds which could be channeled towards landing another attacker or even a striker. For 24millon Pounds, Arsenal can get two decent strikers (Remy and Bony) that both have Premier League experience, which is crucial, because a player could arrive from another league and struggle to adapt to life in the Premier League and that could mean money well wasted.

I maintain that Morata might be talented but he is far from been the finished product and splashing out 24 million Pounds on him would be money well wasted. That he is coming from Real Madrid doesn’t make him an automatic starter at Arsenal and even the price-tag could end up been his Achilles heel as he might struggle to live up to the price-tag. If experienced Ozil could buckle at 42.4 million Pounds transfer fee, how much more an untested youngster at 24 million Pounds. The British media would kill him if he doesn’t hit the ground running and that is something Arsenal cannot afford to toy with.

Desperacy for striking additions doesn’t mean Arsenal and Wenger should lose their sense of quality and valuation.