How Wenger Can Make Up For Not Purchasing Fabregas

It is no longer news that Fabregas has joined London rivals Chelsea. While the reality of him turning out in the stripes of Chelsea is heartbreaking, it is his journey to signing for the Stamford Bridge outfit that is infuriating to say the least. His adventure at Barca became a misadventure and when it was time to move, Arsenal that had a buy-back clause on him refused activating it and that provided Mourinho the perfect opportunity to pounce for one of the best creative midfielder in the world.

I wonder why Arsenal didn’t take up the opportunity to re-sign Fabregas. Why did Wenger request for a buy-back clause when they knew they had no intention of activating it when gifted the opportunity. Just last summer the rumours that Fabregas could leave Barca was raging and when Wenger was quizzed about it, he said from what he knew Fabregas had decided to stay one more season with the Catalans. How did he know if he wasn’t told? I want to believe he asked Fabregas and his former protégé told him. That should have alert him to get ready to snap him up after the one year was over.

According to reports, Wenger’s reason for not re-signing Fabregas is that Arsenal are already spoilt for choice in the creative midfield department and Le prof won’t want to stymie the development of budding talents like Wilshere and Ramsey. I quite concur with that argument but there is another side to it. The likes of Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta are already aging and Wenger needs to start planning for life after them, what better way to plan for it on the long term than by signing Fabregas.

There is no point crying over spilt milk as that is what talk over Fabregas amounts to. Now, Wenger has the responsibility of making up for Fabregas’ loss and what better way to that than by signing top class players to plug the gaping holes we have in the team. We know creative midfield is not a position we have to strengthen in the short term but the striking and defensive midfield and right back positions are screaming for attention. Gazidis claimed Arsenal are in talks with different players with the aim of securing their signature. Hopefully, they get them as no excuse would be good enough if Arsenal fail to bolster their ranks adequately this summer ahead of next season.

With key former Arsenal players now staring for 3 different Premier League teams and Arsenal’s rivals for the title; Fabregas ( Chelsea), Van Persie (Chelsea), Nasri, Clichy and now Sagna (Manchester City), Arsenal cannot afford not to compete for the title. If the Gunners mount a serious challenge for the title that lasts till the end of the season even if they don’t win it, those former players won’t be able to laugh at Arsenal.

Fabregas at his unveiling claimed he returned to the Premier League because he had an unfinished business there. I wonder what the unfinished business is. If it is to win the Premier League, it is Wenger’s duty to make sure that the unfinished business stays unfinished and the only way he can achieve that is by making the Gunners worthy contenders and possibly, winners of the Premier League title.

If Arsenal fizzle out of the title race the way they did last season and should the capitulation be traced to injury in midfield and lack of quality depth there like last season, Wenger would incur the ire of fans. To prevent that, Le Prof needs to spend big this summer and make sure a potent striker, no-nonsense defensive midfielder, goalscoring winger, sturdy right back, versatile defender and competent goalkeeper are brought in beef up the Gunners and turn them from title pretenders to actual contenders.