Cazorla Fuels Arsenal Exit Rumours

The way the mind of a football player works is always like a pendulum that swings in directions that is difficult to discern. A little over two weeks ago, Santi Cazorla was drumming the beats of Cesc Fabregas that he would like for the Catalan to rejoin him at Arsenal adding that he would be a great addition. Yet, with speculation now doing the rounds that Atletico Madrid could be in for him, he has only gone and added smoke to a little flame by making it look like a big fire is raging.

Speaking to the Spanish publication AS, while reacting to the speculation. He said thus:

“When the World Cup is over. I’ll start thinking about my situation”

What situation you might ask. He only just signed an extension to his existing contract in March. Which makes the use of the word situation rather strange. Although, such speculations should be taken with a pinch of salt sometimes, rather than with a water of bowl, a player who truly has is mind at Arsenal emphasis on truly will just come out and quench such speculation by saying the needful that he is staying.

Not ending there, he continues by saying:

“I don’t want to be thinking about it right now and I have told my agents not to tell me anything if an offer comes in,”

He sounds like a player who expects something to come of the speculation doing the rounds. It would seem that when players of Arsenal extraction are with the Spanish national team in a competition, it is then the talk of them going back to Spain becomes a theme of discussion in the Media.

He continues by naming a few of the Atletico players

” I know a few of the Atletico players like Godin, Juan Fran and I know the side well from when I was playing the Spanish league.”

He sounds like one who needs some buddies around like the German players at Arsenal.

The speculation could just be that – speculation and rumours. But the question remains, why couldn’t he just say that he is happy at Arsenal, and that a reflection of that was is signing of new contract in March. It is well known that these days, contract means nothing. But the fact that Arsenal holds all the aces in this in terms of the length of his contract, only means there is no way he could leave even if his wish is to. Added to that is his importance to the club, he can play anywhere in midfield

Yet, he finished by saying;

“But until the tournament is over, I won’t know if the rumours are true or not.”

Which means he could just have quenched this by a statement of commitment.

The talk that Arsenal is no longer a competitive team can no longer be brandish about as the club finally broke that nine years jinks of no trophy by winning the FA cup in May. Added to that, the club can now compete financially in the market. So any argument by any player will be counter- productive in the ground scheme of things except there are other sinister motive at play.