Implication Of England And Spain’s World Cup Exit For Arsenal

The nation with the supposed best league in the world posted her worst World Cup performance since 1950 after it first round exit. while the nation from the Iberian pennisula did not fare any better, crashing out to two unconvincing defeats which ended their reign as World Champions.

In these countries performance lies the involvement of Arsenal players. What then is the implication of both countries early exit on Arsenal?

England had Oxlade Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere in it squad for the World Cup. Although Jack Wilshere featured in a few minutes against Italy, he was an unused substitute in the defeat against Uruguay. While the Ox did not feature at all, and is due to miss out entirely from featuring in the dead rubber match against Costa Rica after a reoccurence of the injury he suffered against Ecuador in a pre World Cup match.

While the only Arsenal interest in the Spanish national team was Santi Cazorla. The ambidextrous Spaniard did more in 15 minutes against Chile than any other Spanish players did in 90 minutes, having two shots on target which meant he carried his club form to the national team.

What does this mean to these three players from an Arsenal angle?

Firstly, from a positive point of view, it means, they will report to the club for early pre season training which bodes well for the club from the angle that they will be fresh and ready to hit the ground running once the season starts. As a good pre season is always good for any player. And the Ox will have time to rest his injured knee. This point above is from a positive angle, and from all indications it definitely is.

Yet, from another angle, what will this early exit mean on the psyche of Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla and Oxlade Chamberlain?
For the English players, they are still young in age, and have many more years to feature in major tournaments, and the turn of events in Brazil should not have a lasting negative effect that will affect Arsenal’s season from the player’s performance.

On the other hand, For Santi Cazorla who is already (30). This could be his last World Cup or even his last major tournament. So this could hit him hard mentally.

Although he has always be in the fringes of the national team, but being part of the Spanish squad that retained Euro 2012 in Ukraine means he has an international medal which is a consolation. This was suppose to be his first appearance at a World Cup which just ended in disappointment.

In the end, it will take a monumental turn of event, for the Arshavin effect to happen to these players. As the Russian’s performance for Arsenal suffered after Russia failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Saying it crushed him mentally.

The first point raised should be it from an Arsenal view point, more fresh players for the coming season.