Van Persie Insults Arsenal And Arsenal Fans With New Statement

The cliche that the only constant in the sphere of existence is change certainly holds sway in many things. And such changes could either be good or bad depending on the circumstances.

And in most cases, footballers fits that bill a lot. None more so than the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie. The former Arsenal striker did the unthinkable when he forced a move to Manchester United in 2012 after much hangling over a contract where he demanded unrealistic terms.

Although, he had the option of moving abroad to PSG or Juventus, he choosed Manchester United. For him to now come out to say he is still a Gunner is not only preying on the senses of Gunners the world over, but an attempt to seek sympathy where there is none.

Hear him;

” I loved that club (Arsenal). The fantastic stadium. The public. The atmosphere.

“I am a real Gunner and will always be one.

“I never would have gone for the money, but wanted the change to take my career a bit further. And it turned out to be right decision.

“I won the title with Manchester United right away. And i must also say, Manchester United is a warm club. I feel happy there.”

Statements like the above only serves to open old wounds. He certainly insulted the senses of all Gunners by saying he is a real Gunner. The sympathy he seeks from such a statement is not present within the Gunner sphere. He won’t get it. Not after the way he insulted the club, it fans and his team mates by not only deriding all by a public statement, but by forcing a move to Old Trafford.

A gunner will not use love in the past tense to describe the club as he did in his statement. Which shows alot about what he truly is. And which means he is deceiving himself and not us Gunners.

A gunner at heart will certainly not celebrate in an inciteful way after the goal he scored against Arsenal at Old Trafford last season.

He has become just a footnote in the Gunners’ forklore for the way he behaved prior to his departure and after his departure. For all his undoubted talent, it took Arsene Wenger to tame his excesses and the conversion to a lethal striker holds much to the Frenchman who made him a top nine. For all the injuries and long years of absence as a result, what did he pay Arsenal with? An acrimonious departure to Manchester.

He is not called Van Judah for nothing and that is what he will remain within the consciousness of Gunners. Many will say a player has to look after it interest, yet if Arsenal and Arsene Wenger did not stand by him after those injuries, he won’t be what he is today. He showed a lack of class and his attempt to find sympathy is a lost cause.

As change is the only constant, to those in the Dutch team and Manchester United circles, he is Van Persie, but for Gunners, he remains and ever will be Van Judah and for that he should take is i am a Gunner talk to the abyss.