Why Yaya Sanogo And Serge Gnarby Should Be Sent On Loan

The emergence of a player from a club’s academy, which excites is always the wish of every fan. Over the years few players have fallen into that category. But when a player of such caliber comes into the scene it is not always easy for them to gain first team football. Such is the case of Serge Gnabry, who many awaited with bathed excitement to see his first team debut. He certainly did not disappoint. After a good pre-season last summer, he had a Premier League start against Swansea at the Liberty Stadium where he had a very good game, that was followed up with other appearances notably his performance against Spurs in the FA cup. But after the turn of the year, he just seem to fade away from the first team picture. Which brings to the fore the difficulty of reconciling the use of academy product with the cheque book players.

Also, Yaya Sanogo who had disappeared from the radar during the first half of last season appeared in the scene for the first time against Liverpool in the FA cup, but apart from a starting berth during the cup run and the starting spot against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, his appearances were few.

When their position is considered against the backdrop that Arsenal will most likely bring in a striker and a winger, what does this mean for both Yaya Sanogo and Serge Gnabry? Without doubt, this means they will find playing time hard to come by which will only end up stunting their development even further.

It was obvious last season that Yaya Sanogo is a raw player and he still needs to work on his first touch and technique. And a lack of playing time from the inevitable arrival of more players in his position only means he cannot perfect his game. And Serge Gnabry falls into this category too as highlighted earlier.

The only possible solution in this instance is a loan move for both players. Serge Gnabry showed in his few appearances that he has something in him that can only be improved on by a loan move away from the Emirates and not by sitting on the bench or playing with the under 21s.

Yaya Sanogo on the other hand should not be a player that uses Arsenal as an institution of learning due to his rawness. For all his raw power and forceful play, he still has a lot to learn, and with his path to the first team blocked if as expected a striker arrives, then a loan move should be it for the Frenchman.

And such loan move for both players should possibly be to a Premier League club. An example of what a loan move can do in the development of a player is Jack Wilshere who was a completely different player after he returned from his loan spell at Bolton in 2010. He became a transformed player. And that much was evident in his displays the following season.

And for fledglings players like Yaya Sanogo and Serge Gnabry who is to say that a loan move will not have a lasting effect on them like it did on Jack Wilshere if they can end up in a Premier League club. Time will definitely explain.