Why Arsenal Should Sign Jackson Martinez

For weeks, there were rumours that Arsenal were interested in the enigmatic Italian striker, Mario Balotelli with several news outlets speculating that Arsene Wenger went as far as meeting the agent of the Italian in Brazil. But these reports were quickly knock down by the Frenchman when he declared over in Brazil that the news linking Balotelli to Arsenal were just fabrication from the Media and that there was absolutely no truth to it.

Now that fans will not have to worry about whether Arsenal will sign the Italian, there is however a player that has completely gone under the radar without much search light on him in respect of being linked to the Arsenal. But he has however gone about his business professionally which is scoring goals.

That striker is Jackson Martinez of Porto and Colombia. Although, he has been linked to Arsenal in the past, the drum beats from his angle this summer has however been quiet.

Judging by his statistics, the 27 year old Colombian striker would definitely make a better signing that the unpredictable Mario Balotelli going by their various statistics. The Italian has never being a prolific striker in front of goal, scoring 14 league goals for only the second time in his career last season. Although there could still be room for improvement in front of goal as he is still only 23 years old.

Going by the statistics of both players. Here is what it shows from their performance last season in both Porto and AC Milan.

Jackson Martinez

League Appearances: 29

Goal scored: 20

Assist: 0


Champions League App: 6

Goals scored: 2

Assist: 0


Europa League App: 5

Goal scored: 1

Assist: 0


*Yellow Card all season: 5


Mario Balotelli

League Appearances: 25

Goals scored: 14

Assist: 6

Yellow Card: 9

Red Card: 1


Champions League App: 6

Goals scored: 2

Assist: 0

Yellow Card: 3

Going by the statistic above, the Colombian Jackson Martinez is more prolific in front of goal. Scoring a total of 23 goals last season, with 20 coming in the league, compared to Balotelli’s 16 goals, with just 14 in the league.

Where the statistics is however damning is the disciplinary record of the Italian, a striker that earns 9 yellow cards and a red card in a season certainly has issues with discipline. Which means he cannot be trusted to keep a cool head when his team is under pressure. This was made clear when he earned a needless yellow card in the match against Uruguay in the World Cup which meant he was substituted to avoid a red card.

However, the Italian is an all round striker compared to the Colombian coming up with a total of 6 assist as against nothing for the Porto striker. But many would argue that a striker is meant to put the ball in the net, and not to worry about assists.

Without a doubt, the Colombian looks a better bet than Balotelli, added to that there will be no baggages to worry about.