£8 million Star Could Join Arsenal – Reports

The departure of Bacary Sagna to Manchester City after his seven year stint with Arsenal means Arsenal will have to bring in a replacement at the right side of defence.

To that effect, several players have been linked to Arsenal as a ready replacement for the departed Frenchman. Since the season ended, the speculations have pointed to the 21 year old Ivorian and Toulouse right back Serge Aurier. Depending, on the news outlets you choose to rely on, there have been reports in some quarters that he has reached personal terms with Arsenal, while others have claimed that Arsenal have not come to a conclusion as regards whether he is the anointed replacement.

Despite all the speculation light beamed all summer on Sergie Aurier, the Mirror is reporting that Arsenal wants Mathieu Debuchy, 28 as replacement for his compatriot Sagna. With a reported £8 million fee for the Newcastle United defender.

The Ivorian Serge Aurier, and Debuchy, have been muted as potential Arsenal signings, yet Arsenal have not moved an inch to get these players in. Those at the Emirates are known for dithering in transfer deals. Taking ages before they conclude transfers. The issues with this scenario is that other clubs are lurking around to come in for these players linked. In the picture is PSG, who it has been reported are also interested in signing Mathieu Debuchy. It will not come as a surprise if he ends up in Paris. His link to Arsenal has just come into the picture, and he is still playing at the World Cup with France.

However, Serge Aurier has been waiting in the wings with rumours and counter rumours that he is on his way to Arsenal. Yet the wait continues. The question remains, how long will he wait? What is delaying the deal? If truely he is deemed the replacement why the dithering?

Already, he has also been linked to Marsielle, QPR and Swansea, but he has not hidden his desire to join Arsenal. But the club’s trademark dithering continues. If the club chooses experience over youth in terms of Mathieu Debuchy over Serge Aurier, why not get the deal sealed before his value get over the roof at the World Cup.

Dithering over transfer deals have caused Arsenal several times in the past, as was the case with Juan Mata in 2011, when it was confirmed that Arsenal had bidded for the Spaniard, but because of dithering on the part of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger the deal was gazumped by Chelsea at the last minute.

As pre season draws near, the onus is on the club to get on with the business of bringing in the desired players instead of lurking in the shadows as others get their targets signed.