Why Loic Remy And Alexis Sanchez Will Solve Arsenal’s Striking Problem

For a while now, Arsenal have been linked with a move for AC Milan’s Italian striker Mario Balotelli. The rumour was further fuelled by the player’s agent Mino Raiola who declared that the North Londoners are one of the few clubs that could afford to sign the enigmatic Italian. Arsenal’s need for striking reinforcement and the former City’s star looking to leave AC Milan this summer meant the desires of both parties aligned, and a move to Arsenal could just be on the cards.

Trust Wenger who never passes on the opportunity to deny transfer rumours. In a chat with reporters, Le Prof declared that any link of Balotelli to Arsenal is just sheer invention. Wenger’s antecedents when it comes to transfer news show that whatever he says about players been linked to the club should be taken with a pinch of salt. It could be true and could also be false. He famously said he didn’t know who Santi Cazorla was only for the Spaniard to sign for Arsenal few days later. Now, he has denied Balotelli but could end up signing him.

Should Wenger decide against signing Balotelli, I won’t blame him. The Italian is a very difficult player to manage. One minute he is a threat on the pitch, scoring beautiful goals but the next minute he could be grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Wenger doesn’t like players that are always in the news for the wrong reasons and unfortunately, Balotelli is unrepentantly that sort of player.

Instead of going for Balotelli, Arsenal should go for Sanchez and Remy. The fee the Gunners would have to pay for both men is lesser than what they might pay for Balotelli, because according to recent reports, AC Milan are set to demand for a fee in the region of 35million Pounds for him. Why pay 35million Pounds for Balotelli who is renowned for his troublesome nature, when we can get both Sanchez and Remy for that amount. Sanchez has the ability to match the Italian’s footballing talents while Remy could also improve to be a better striker.

Two good heads are better than one it is said and in the case of moving for Balotelli, I would say a move for Sanchez and Remy gives better worth for money spent. Sanchez with his performance at the world cup before Chile got ousted by Brazil has shown he can not only play on both wings but also lead the line when necessary. An attacking line that consists of Remy, Walcott and Sanchez will definitely strike fears in the mind of the opposition. The pace of our attack will be scary to opponents.

If Remy could score 18 goals in a poor team ( no disrespect to their fans but let’s call a spade exactly what it is ) such as Newcastle United, he definitely can score more goals with Arsenal that has a midfield that consists of Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere giving him passes. Sanchez got 20 goals and 20 assists in the just conclude La Liga season, that says it all.