Arsenal Make Enquiry For Alessandro Florenzi But Is He What We Need?

The song Summertime by Ella Fitzegerald means different things to different people, but summertime to Arsenal fans is usually a time of nail biting and hoping, sometimes, against hope. These lines are from Summertime song; rings a bell?

” But still that morning, there is nothing that can harm you. . . Don’t you, don’t you cry”

It has not gotten to the point of tears yet for many fans, as it still morning in a summer transfer window even though there have been harm in the past that has not stopped the speculations from coming in like the speed of light.

From that angle, there are reports that Arsenal has made an approach for Roma midfielder Alessandro Florenzi. The news was brokered by the reliable Sky Italia journalist Gianluca Di Marzo. While inquiry are normal as many of such are done during the course of a transfer window, it further gives credence to the fact that players not shown in the radar of speculations could end up at the Emirates at the end of the summer transfer window.

The link of such a player to Arsenal will come as no surprise as the Italian international fits the prototype of Arsene Wenger’s signings. He is versatile and can play across the attack and the wings. But at 23 years of age, he is still coming up. He notched up 6 goals and 9 assist last season for Rudi Garcia’s Roma side.

The 5ft 9in attacking midfielder who is a product of the Roma youth academy is likely to take the mantle of Andre Arshavin if Arsenal’s inquiry gives way to a concrete offer.

However, such a signing would fit within the scale of underwhelming for most Arsenal fans. As this is a player who is still largely unproven. The fans have been crying out for players that will make a clear difference and lift the players already in the books. Not players who are still in the throes of a learning curve as far as football development is concerned.

Even though the reliability of Gianluca Dimarzo is well enshrined, the fact, the club would not do the transfers in the glare of the public makes this coming out bad for the antics of those at Highbury House.

The position of Yaya Sanogo looks ever so precarious each passing day with the number of attacking players being linked to the club. If he found playing time difficult to come by last season, when there was just Oliver Giroud, he is unlikely to get a sniff when the expected signings up front are made. As it widely expected, he might head out for a loan spell away from the club for further development of his football abilities. Yet, knowing how Arsene Wenger operates, he might very well choose to have him around so as to prove a point that something good can come out of a free transfer.

Yet, as Ella Fitzegerald puts it:

” Then you will spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.”

Arsenal fans would wish the club would spread it wings in the transfer window and take to the sky of getting deals done early.