Balotelli Vs Mario Manduzkic Who Should Arsenal Sign Alongside Sanchez?

Arsenal’s need for a striker is no longer news. That much has been established. Though the identity of that striker is still unclear. If not how many will be brought in that position.

The latter question has elicited a report from the press, with claims that Arsenal intends to bring in two strikers. Many questions have been posed as to whether the club really needs two strikers. The answer to that question is, yes.

Oliver Giroud was the only striker in the books last season who Arsene Wenger trusted. Nicklas Bendtner and Park Yu barely featured. Although, they have been released, it has therefore opened more space for the equation of the two strikers that the club needs.

Bringing in an out and out striker to complement Giroud would be good together with another player, that can play across the final third (wings and as a striker). The club certainly needs two strikers, as even the raw Yaya Sanogo should be considered for a loan spell next season so that he can improve on the short comings in his game.

If you believe all the reports in the media and in the social media, Arsenal have practically signed Alexis Sanchez but there is a possibility that Arsene Wenger might consider bringing in a marquee signing in attack, and another striker that will cost less to the club. The question then is: Who should these strikers be if the club wants to bring in two? Mario Balotelli and Mario Manduzkic have both been linked to the club.

The Italian for all his excesses and character issues, possess the attributes to be a lethal striker. The pace, the technique, the height, two footed, and that element of surprise to his game, but his have been ruled out by Arsene Wenger when he dismissed his links to the club as mere media talk.

Mario Manduzkic on the other hand, is the opposite of the Italian. He lacks the pace and technique to pose a constant threat in the opposition area. And his similar qualities with Oliver Giroud completely rules him out of the picture for Arsenal.

The former of these two players would have fit into Arsenal’s footballing ethos, but his baggage’s makes him a time bomb waiting to explode at anytime. The Croatian on the other hand, though a decent striker, will not represent an improvement on what is currently at the club.

In a nutshell, the club needs players with different qualities who can complement what is currently in the final third. The talk might be on just a striker, but a closer look at the resources available at the club will reveal that, two strikers wouldn’t be out of place, as the curse of injury is always there to reduce the numbers.