Here Is Why Alexis Sanchez Will Be A Massive Success At Arsenal

The modern era in football circles has brought with it an evolutionary way in which things are done which differs remarkably from the past. This has altered the way footballers behave vis-a-vis how they approach their profession in terms of the work ethics required to succeed. In the past, the youth players at a club were made to clean the boots of senior players, together with other chores. Doing that instilled some measure of verve to work to attain that same position. But the modern era is a washed with footballers who got their breaks so early that they do not see working hard as yardstick to become the finished article.

However, there are some who are in a different school of thought who did not have it so rosy when trying to hit the heights of a successful footballer. One of such footballers is Arsenal’s new signing Alexis Sanchez. His work ethics on the pitch is a direct consequence of his upbringing and that mental toughness at having a difficult childhood has enabled him to remain grounded and, he sees working hard as the only way to achieve success on the football field. That could be seen in the way he hassles defenders and snaps at their heels by not giving them time on the ball.

His attitude is revealed in this interview where he criticized footballers who have had it so easy in their footballing life, and as a result they have no extra motivation to improve beyond their comfort. This reveals his strong personality, for a club like Arsenal that has been used to players with a frail personality who lacks the required work ethics; his signing is a huge plus for the club.

Speaking, he explained where he got his work ethics from. He said.

“I used to wash cars for such little money just so I had enough money to buy my football boots. When you are at academies like Manchester United and Arsenal then everything is just given to you.

“With countries like England if you don’t make it as a professional football player then there are still many other opportunities, and you still have a chance to live a good life.

“My family was so poor that football for me was about survival. I told my mother from a young age, Don’t worry, I will become a football player and get us out of this situations”

“If I had failed I would be working 15-hour days on construction sites and still not be earning enough to live. Football saved me, and I don’t think any England players could say that.

“There were no rules when you play football on the street, no coaches to protect you. Because I was so advanced I used to play with the big kids and they used to try to kick me all over the street.

“I learned to be tough, and you can only learn that if you grow up in that environment.”

The difficult environment in which Alexis Sanchez grew in toughens him up. He sees football as a job that should be taken seriously with passion and energy. And with that attitude, Arsenal is in for a good time with the Chilean’s contribution to the club.