Sami Khedira Odds On To Join Arsenal

The eagerness of fans to see signings made have resulted in information been sought from various places to see how a particular transfer situation is developing. Besides, several graphs are plotted in different places by fans to see whether transfer reports that have emanated from various speculations will develop into something concrete.

One of such graphs that are usually plotted is that of bookmakers. The position of bets on a transfer could swing the direction in which a transfer could go. On of such scenario is that involving Real Madrid and German midfielder Sami Khedira.

The bookmakers are asserting that the midfielder is odds on to become an Arsenal player. Although, there are instances where the paths of the bookmakers have not yielded the desired result from the angles of many, they nevertheless get it right most of the time. Few weeks ago it was asserted that Arsenal were at 6/1 favourites to sign the German midfielder while, as recently as few days ago it now stands at 5/6 with skybet for the deal to pull through.

Although, odds on bets could be the subject of other intervening factors not necessarily linked to a particular transfer situation, it does stands correct most of the time. Few seasons ago, betting houses stopped taking bets on Michael Owen to Manchester United and within a couple of hours he became a Manchester United player. And that was a few years back.

The Alexis Sanchez transfer took the same trajectory when some bookmakers stopped taking bets as far back as May on his transfer to Arsenal, full two months before his transfer to Arsenal was confirmed. This goes to show that there is certain transfer information that is within the knowledge of bookmakers, but is not known to the media.

Though it should be stated that certain information from bookmakers comes with a caveat and might not always turn out the way as it has been painted by those in the bookmakers’ community. As fans try to sieve as many information available to them on transfers, the place of the bookmaker will always be a place where such information is sourced as long as the transfer window remains open.

However, like the speculation that linked Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal, many persons affiliated to the club declined to accept the veracity of such rumours, until he was finally unveiled as an Arsenal player. The scenario is expected to play out with respect of any speculation linking players to Arsenal, which includes the reports linking Sami Khedira to Arsenal.