“Alexis Sanchez Will Regret Joining Arsenal Ahead Of Liverpool”

The signing of Alexis Sanchez by Arsenal has not gone down well with many affiliated to Liverpool. Several of its supporters and fans alike have cast aspersions on the Chilean for choosing the Emirates over Anfield. The bitterness of some Anfield faithful have not stopped with their sense of disappointment at the way this transfer panned out, but they have come to disparage Arsenal as a club.

Darren Lewis, Daily Mirror journalist strangely remarked that the Chilean might regret his move to the Emirates when he has not even kicked a ball.

He said this:

” It’s quite strange that Sanchez turned them (Liverpool) down. I really thought he would relish playing in front of the Kop, playing for such a passionate and historic club.”

“Liverpool are an institution in this country, they’re not just a football club. I’m really surprised Sanchez decided not to go there.”

“That’s not being disrespectful about Arsenal, they’re a wonderful club that there was the opportunity to go and play for Liverpool.”

“The one thing I think possibly happened was Sanchez looked at it and thought, ‘Well if Suarez doesn’t fancy playing there why should I?’

“Maybe it was as basic as that but i think he might have made a mistake.”  

It would have been better for those affiliated to Liverpool to get a grip. The player made a personal decision to join Arsenal over Liverpool. What does the status of both club had to do with his decision? There is no doubt that Liverpool is a huge club, but the way pundits and all have gone about the choice that Sanchez made is as if a cardinal sin has been committed.

For all intent and purpose, the Kop is not known to the Chilean and all the noises about Liverpool being a big club have been rehearsed several times yet, they have not won the league in 24 years.

Many of the likes of Darren Lewis are stuck in the voyage of the past when it comes to issues bothering on Liverpool. Last season was their first title challenge since 2009 and there is no guarantee that they can sustain that this coming season following the departure of the Luis Suarez.

Arsenal is the biggest club in the biggest city in Europe; they will always remain a draw to many players. The Emirates remains an architectural masterpiece bequeathed after years of adequate planning, while Liverpool have been left riding the wheels of the past as it relates to an Anfield structure that is in need of an uplift. A drawback for the club even though there are plans to fix that.

If the mistake Alexis Sanchez made was by choosing Arsenal over Liverpool, many Arsenal fans would love for many of those mistakes to be repeated. The points being branded about by those of Liverpool persuasion are points that are stuck in the past and not valid in the present.

For their pains, they have chosen to see things from their own eyes from a subjective point of view. But, they should not direct their frustration at Arsenal as a club, but rather they should look at the failings of their club.