Wenger Urged To Buy James Rodriguez

There is a reason why wishes are not horses, as if they were the world will be a different place. Such is the scenario in football circles where most times fantasy world holds sway over the real world scenario. This particular assertion is revealed by the statement of Arsenal legend Sol Campbell that Arsene Wenger should go all out and sign Colombia and Monaco midfielder James Rodriguez.

For starters the Monaco midfielder is a world class player who would fit into any team. But sentimentality should always be tempered with a dose of reality. There is nobody that will claim that such a player is not needed at Arsenal. The way he runs with the ball at pace and his drives from midfield, and the element of surprise in his game is a dream scenario that many would want replayed in a realistic football pitch while rubbing their hands with glee.

The reality now is that Arsenal Mesut Ozil is in his position, and the fact that Arsene Wenger turned down the opportunity of signing Cesc Fabregas for the reason that he already has the German speaks volumes. And this is before the likes of Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Oxlade Chamberlain are brought into the picture as regards that position of the field.

It is always easy for fans and all alike to call for the signing of the next big thing in the game. When in reality such signings are not possible. Sure a player like James Rodriguez will certainly improve Arsenal. And at just 23 years old, he is yet to reach the peak of his powers. Then there is the question that does Arsenal needs him from the comment of Sol Campbell?

In an angle of objectivity, Arsenal does not needs such a player for the reason that, it already has several players plying their trade in the position that he would have occupied in the first eleven. As you cannot have such a player and not play him.

On the other hand, from an angle of subjectivity, Arsenal does need such a player because of his ability on the ball as enunciated earlier. But an element of reality comes into play in such a scenario. He has spent just one year in Monaco where he moved to for a fee of £38.9 million. Going by his performance at the World Cup, what would be is transfer price? Something in the region of £70 million which represent 70% of Arsenal’s budget. In such a picture, the club can certainly not spend almost it entire budget on one player.

While Sol Campbell’s comments were made with the best intention for Arsenal, reality demands that such transfers remain the stuff of dreams in fantasy football circles.