Arsenal Could Sign £29 Rated Striker for Cheap

Few weeks into the World Cup in Brazil, precisely during the group stages, Italian and AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli was linked several times to Arsenal, with some reports claiming a deal was close to being struck. But Arsene Wenger knocked back those speculations when he dismissed the links as mere media fabrication.

The rumours subsequently cooled down following the Italian’s disappointing World Cup in Brazil. A point raised by Silvio Berlusconi:

“Other than Italy, I lost during the World Cup. I was about to sell Balotelli to an English team for several millions. But after this World Cup who will buy him anymore?”

However, following the Italian’s disappointing World Cup, the San Siro outfit seem to have lowered their asking price to as little as £14.5 million according to reports. A complete £14.5 million difference from the earlier price reported in the press. If these reports are confirmed as factual, it will amount to a steal at such a price going by the current trend in the transfer market.

With Arsenal’s search for an out-an-out striker after the capture of Alexis Sanchez, such a price will represent a huge bargain for the club to turn down. Despite the excesses that Mario Balotelli comes with especially its enigmatic attitude, the club can take a punt on this to see how he pans out.

As a result of the baggage’s the Italian comes with, many people hitherto held the view that it was a bullet avoided when his initial links died down few weeks ago. Even if the circumstances are entirely different, Tony Adams was able to rebuild his career despite his battle with alcoholism, and there is Robin Van Persie who was practically flogged out for transfer by Feyernood in 2004 after he had running battles with the club manager some bothering on the physical.

Several players that have issues with attitude have passed through the Old Highbury and now the Emirates in the past. And the likes of Mario Balotelli will not be the first with a short circuit if he is bought at that price.

Without doubt, the Italian’s baggage’s have gotten out of hands in most cases especially with his gun touting picture which he displayed recently as well as other antics of the Italian, the price that AC Milan are willing to dispatch him with is remarkably on the low side, and the club will be in a good position to look at bringing him to the Emirates at that price.