5 Reasons Why Mesut Ozil Will “WOW” The League Next Season

When Mesut Ozil was signed for a club record £42.5 million on deadline day last season, the buzz and anticipation it created was better experienced than imagined. The anticipation it created took forever to die down after two weeks for Ozil to arrive at the club make to make his debut for because of the international commitments with Germany. On his debut against Sunderland, he certainly did not disappoint, laying on an assist for Oliver Giroud and he could easily have been four assist on that day but for the chances Theo Walcott missed.

However, following the early promise that heralded his arrival, he has slowed downed due to the physical nature of the league and a lack of Winter break. But, following Germany’s World Cup triumph in Brazil, this Article looks at 5 reasons why Mesut Ozil will be do better next season.

1. He Now Knows the League

The physical nature of the league must have come as shock to him after his first few weeks. The intensity and rugged nature of some opponents must have been something that was new to him. He made mention of this when he said last season that in Spain, when smaller team goes two goals down, they take their feet of the pedal, but in England, it is never so. But those shocks he experienced last reason is now history, he now understands what it takes to withstand the rigours of the league.

2. Germany’s World Cup Truimph

It has been a good year for Mesut Ozil since he arrived at Arsenal. Winning the FA Cup and the World Cup in a space of two months, the World Cup would have provided a real boost to his moral ahead of the coming season. That also can be said about Arsenal’s Germany players.

3. Understanding of His teammates.

The joy at the signing of Alexis Sanchez was reflected in Mesut Ozil’s tweet in welcoming the Chilean to the club. Added to that, the understanding he built with Aaron Ramsey last season is still at it early stages. The same goes for Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla and others. With The fact he would have known his mates better in his second season will create a telepathic understanding that will lead to more goals and assist from him.

4. The Second Season Syndrome.

This particular point goes in circles. Some players that had a stellar first season most times end up distinctly average in their second season, but, majority of the players that struggled in their first season in England have gone on to record a transformative second season. Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker are apt examples. Mesut Ozil can certainly follow that path.

5. Players with pace are coming

Several points were made of the fact that Ozil had no runners ahead of him last season to aim passes to, but with the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, the return from injury of Theo Walcott, and the likely signing of Loic Remy or another striker with pace, he would have enough runners in the squad to pass to. And the end result of that would be more goals for the team and more assists for Ozil himself.