Despite Signing Sanchez, Arsenal Will Not Finish among Top 4 – Claims Liverpool Legend

With the World Cup over, attention has shifted to club football which means the Premier League is back as the talking point. Ahead of the new Premier League season that would be starting next month, pundits have already started making predictions. Of course prediction time means anyone can talk after all, when you hand a toddler a pen, he will also write though what is written might not be comprehensible.

Such is the position of former footballer turned pundit Micheal Owen. After goofing last season, he has yet again made another verbal gaffe. Last summer, he predicted Arsenal were going to be ousted from the top 4 by their North London neighbours no thanks to their summer spree which was a sharp contrast to Arsenal’s reduced spending.

What happened at the end of the season, if Arsenal not only made top 4, they ended their age-long trophy drought? Met Spurs thrice in the course of the season, won all three matches and didn’t let in a single goal. The new season is almost here and he is talking again.

“I have been really impressed with Arsenal’s signing of Sanchez,” “They have been missing a bit of quality but [they’ll miss out].

“The signing of Sanchez has made everyone sit up and take note. I really do rate him, he’s a top player and it’s a big step in the right direction.

“But, in no particular order, my top four for next season would be Chelsea, Man City, Man United and Liverpool.

“Arsenal haven’t had any real stand out players in the last few years, like Thierry Henry. They have just lagged a step behind.”

Isn’t that really funny? So he believes Arsenal would finish behind Liverpool? When the Gunners didn’t buy big, they still found a way to finish in top 4 let alone when they are spending big on experienced players. They have already signed Sanchez and are closing in on Debuchy and Khedira. Should these two deals go through, Arsenal would almost be unstoppable next season.

He really thinks his former club Liverpool would finish ahead of Arsenal? That they did last season doesn’t mean they will again next season. In fact, I suspect they are the ones that will drop out for Manchester United to return. The tides have changed as they would be playing Champions league football next season and that means midweek exertion and reduced rest. How they will cope with that extra burden still stands to be seen.

As if that wasn’t damning enough, they have sold their best player. How would Liverpool replace Suarez next season? He said Arsenal have not had any real stand out player since Henry. That assertion makes me wonder what he has been smoking lately. Henry was a special player but after him we’ve had Fabregas, Van Persie to mention just a few and there are still top players in the current team. Unfortunately for his former team Liverpool, they have been courting mediocres for a while and the only true top player they’ve had since Torres has been Suarez and now, he is gone. How would they replace his 31 EPL goals next season? Without his goals, I doubt if they would have made top 4 let alone 2nd place.

He has predicted his own top 4 as Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool in no particular order, now I am going to predict mine;  Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in that particular order. It is his word against mine.